Duplicate content is unavoidable on my site

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    Hi Guys,

    I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a situation regarding duplicate content.

    I have a WordPress site, without giving too much away, the site has lots of posts which are in theory like a picture gallery. The content of each post is almost identical apart from the fact that the "main_image" in each post is different.

    In order to make each page appear different to Google, I have ensured that:
    - the "main_image" on each post has a different and relevant "a title" attribute
    - the "main_image" on each post has a different and relevant "a name" attribute
    - the "main_image" on each post has a different and relevent "filename"
    - each post has different a title/slug/permalink
    - each post has different and relevant tags
    - each post has a different "meta title" where possible
    - each post has a different "meta description" where possible

    But when it comes down to it, the actual visual look and page content as such on every post page is pretty much the same, and I'm guessing that the measures listed above would not be enough to make each page *different* from each other, especially in the Panda world we're now living in.

    Can anyone make any recommendations? My goal ideally is to have G index all my posts as best as possible, and give all my posts a fair shot at ranking against competitive keywords in G!