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    I have read many threads on this and am aware that there seems to be a small industry emerging to stop and google penalty.

    Well this the problem I have..

    1) A year or two ago made a video and distributed on all the top videos sites, a week or so later it dominated top all top 10 for that keyword, at the time I thought google would twig on and drop a few out as exact same video on different sites.

    All still in same positions today ( near enough )

    How is this?

    2) I have heard that google use duplicate algorithms, which sounds the obvious thing to do to find same content pages.

    Case - Point (1)
    But I have several sites that just the title and image are different and rank for different keywords, if I placed the URL in a dupe tester they would be near 90% the same.

    I have point this on other sites also the whole template near exact to the last and just small percentage different - you may find this with many e commerce sites.

    Case - Point (2)

    Also noticed that articles/videos are other sites that have exact same content but different theme, and all seem to rank well for that keyword.

    I can see from a search engine point of view the last thing you want is a top 10 results page all with the same thing, but I have seen this a fair amount, this either shows its very difficult for the search engines to stop this or its a urban myth.

    I posted a thread on here a while back with this topic in mind - I think I did 10 blogs all the same keywords - same theme very thing just to test the theory, all ranked in top ten again.

    What are your thoughts on this.....