Dumpster Diving Gold-An Ebay Business-Year round-For..Free?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by cashcorp, Nov 25, 2008.

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    Hey guys,

    Just sharing one of my more recent inspirations!

    I came across This Article.

    It set the gears in motion, and I had the idea of running an ebay business-supplied via dumpster diving.

    You could easily outsource this to all your buddies, and heres how I would do it!
    Notes:Your not going to want your buddies to figure out whats going on, so I would pretend your "using it all as a tax writeoff, Im donating it to charity!"

    Also, if your already successfully making an income online-or running any other kind of business I would probably stay away from this. You are stealing! (Its considered theft to take shit from a garbage can. Cause ya know, it belongs in the landfills damnit!)

    Step #1:Open an ebay account, and setup an ebay store.

    Step #2:Join a shitload of forums like This http://www.dumpsterworld.com/

    Step #3:Get your buddies to spend the day hitting up your chosen hotspots (this will take some research!) and prepare your first "stock".

    Step #4:Repeat step #3 until you can easily distinguish what you DO and what you DONT want. At this point, offer to pay your buddies $2-3 for each item they bring you-and outsource the "recovery" process to them

    Step #5:Rinse and repeat! once your buddies are well trained, Im sure theyll be happy to get $300-$600 a weekend for bringing you some "tax-writeoffs"
    Thats good money to people working regular 9-5 jobs (for the most part).

    Just a brainstorm, Thought I would share. Its a bit out there, but then most good ideas are! (Ok so maybe I just like the concept of making money from garbage)
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    I've been doing this (dumpster diving) off and on for about 10 years now. You can definitely make some decent money doing this. For the stuff that's not worth selling on eBay sell it on Craigslist or have someone do a garage sale for you. I goto every Goodwill and Salvation army in town DAILY, you'll find some good stuff cheap but you MUST GO EVERY DAY to find the good deals. I talk to the managers at all the storage places (rent a storage unit) at least once a month. Sometimes you can buy out units (people who haven't paid their bills) for $XX. Garage sales can be gold mines too. You really have to have a passion for this type of stuff. You won't get rich but you can make $1000/mo.