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Nov 19, 2014


I am dropshipping for 2 years now with the total generated revenue over $95k from all of my stores together. In those 2 years I tested dozens of products and I know how the proper video ad should look like. I am not doing any fancy designs in this topic I will rather use that time creating great video ads on BHW for you. Reason for creating this topic is that in those 2 years I haven't came across anyone who would edit the videos better than myself but I was still outsourcing it because I was testing many products and didn't had time to edit videos myself. I bought videos from brands like BandsOffAds but I still remained using my own creatives as those were performing better than such high ticket services promoted by influencers.


(results in Czech language because I am from Czech Republic and my biggest daily revenue is first screen which is converted to around 1200 USD)


✅ 1st - First 3 - 5 seconds of the video must be scroll stopper. Some immediate results product can give
✅ 2nd - Show them how the result is achieved with your product
✅ 3nd - List all benefits of the product and show more usage
✅ 4rd - Final part of video CATCHY CALL TO ACTION (underestimated part)

- First 3 - 5 seconds of the video is the most important part.
- For today's distracted person, your video ad must engage the viewer in less than 5 seconds.
- Otherwise, they just view that meme post below ad which is more engaging = CUSTOMER GONE.
- My editing uses the perfect scroll stoppers to LATCH ON.




Are the multiple video ads entirely different?
- No, most of the video is the same across 3 different versions, I just change the scroll stopper (first 3 - 5 seconds) so that you have three video ads to test since the scroll stopper makes the biggest impact on the viewer. The scroll stopper could be the difference between your product being a flop or a winner.

What information do you need from me?
- You will be asked to provide your aliexpress product link, store link and uploading your brand logo so I can watermark the video.

Do you provide the copywriting/caption?
- Yes all is included you will receive ready to promote video on Facebook or any other platform.

What if the video gets rejected on Facebook?
- I always make sure that the videos from me comply with the Facebook ads policies. If this happens to you I will make a revision of your video where I will solve it.


Delivery time for all packages is 24 - 72 hours depending on the current demand.


Accepting PayPal as "Friends and Family" and all cryptos!


BHW - InBox PM
Skype: [email protected]


If there is a problem with getting your creative approved on Facebook i will make a revisions until it gets approved. But chance that the Facebook will not approve my creatives is very low as I know the policies very well and I am making the ads to comply with facebook advertisement policies. Other than that refunds are not accepted as I immediatelly start working on your creative.


If you want to see creatives that I created before you order from me please write 'SAMPLE PLEASE' in this topic and I will dm you the link to my sample creatives.


Please keep in mind that this is a limited time price while I build up a reputation at BHW. Hurry! Get your own video ad + thumbnail for $25 now!
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I'll like to see some samples. Also, is this exclusive to drop shipping alone? Or can you create videos for pay per call offers
I'll like to see some samples. Also, is this exclusive to drop shipping alone? Or can you create videos for pay per call offers
Sample please
Sample please
Can I get some samples? Thanks!
send me sample and can you do video ads for smm panel ?
Samples bro..
Sended samples for all of your. This offer is exclusive only to dropshipping products videos.
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