Dropshipping Unique Engraved Wooden iPhone cases. (Singapore based warehouse)

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    Hi Black Hat Community,

    We are selling wooden smartphone cases and we are based in Singapore. Our cases feature great original engravings on the backside. Our designs are completely original and you will not find anything else in the wholesale market. We’ve been selling since 2013 and our customers love it. Our return rate is nearly 0. We would like to reach new customers and decided to dropship. With our prices, you earn 8 USD per sold case (pure profit), sell 10 cases a day and its 80 USD a day. 20 cases and it’s 160 USD/day

    We are also looking for to sell wholesale to US based retailers. Quantities start from as low as 50pcs/order and we have extremely attractive wholesale prices. 90% of our customers are based in the USA - What’s holding many of them from ordering is the idea of shipping times and having the item travel all the way from Singapore. Selling wholesale in the USA eliminates that factor and guarantees great sales with much higher profit on your end.

    Just drop me a pm if you’re interested, cheers!