Dropshipping Aliepxress Help (Instagram & Fraud)

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    Hi BHW,

    I have a drop shipping store on Shopify, where I upsell items listed on AliExpress.

    I actually created this store back in September, I received 3 orders out of the blue with absolutely no traffic. The buyers were all from Indonesia, and they were flagged saying it was potential fraud. I was paid the money for the items. And I ordered the items to their respective address.

    A few days later, one of the buyers asked about the status of his order. I told him it was on its way. The moment I said this, all of the orders were cancelled and the buyer tried to claim his money back based on fraud. At this point, as it was my first order on AliExpress they didn't take my payment. I feel I dodged a bullet there. I refunded his orders and I paused my store for 2 months.

    Also, I think it was on this forum, but I read somewhere that Aliexpress is trying to crack down on drop shippers and it isn't allowed anymore because of how many cancelled orders there are. Is there anyone with experience that could confirm this?

    Now, going back to today. I actually want to start this store up. I have an instagram account with this store. It currently has no content and and minimal followers. I plan on purchasing shoutouts, and hopefully I can get a return on my time and effort.

    However I'm not sure how I should go about with the shoutouts. Should I have to design some sort of advert (perhaps even paying someone). Or should I use the stock images from AliExpress. I don't know how to go about optimising it.

    I have heard great things about this forum and the wealth of knowledge this forum and its members possess. I am not asking to be spooned, but I am asking for someone to perhaps lead me in a direction.

    I will probably start a "my journey" thread" to motivate myself aswell as share my actions over the coming year. I understand this won't be easy, but with hard work I believe anything is possible.

    Thank You.
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