Dropshipper with Product Sourcing in China Available - Only accepting a few new clients!

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    Hi Guys,

    One of our clients that uses our services had pointed this forum out to us and so we are posting here for the first time. We basically are a Toronto based company that has a dedicated dropship team in Guangzhou, China that will be able to dropship and source products ranging from fashion to electronics to pretty much anything within reason. No plutonium graded items :p

    We realize that a majority of sellers are finding it hard to not only source the lowest priced goods from China, but are also faced with the burden of shipping to their end users. Likewise the chance of getting scammed is also a major concern.

    What we provide is a USA/Canada point of contact where you can speak to us directly in english and we inturn ensure that your needs/instructions are met with our team in China. We are seeking clients who have a regular and numerous packages that require shipping to make it worthwhile for both parties involved. We are not looking to assist a 1 parcel/shipment client a month sort of speak, but if you are in a bind for a particular item shoot us a message and we can see if we can help as a one off, otherwise we are looking for established clients who have a monthly quota of 200+ packages to send.

    This is for US and Canadian clients only I'm afraid as sending to UK and Europe can be quite a challenge due to their postal regulations.

    We currently are working with a few companies that are doing anywhere between 500 to 5000 parcels a month and basically how it works is as follows:

    1. You contact us in Toronto to discuss your needs via telephone or email. We do have a toll free number.
    2. If you agree to contract us to work for you the next step would be for you to send your items to our warehouse in Guangzhou. If you need us to source the items for you we can and would then have items stored at our facility.
    3. You then provide us with a csv/excel file of your purchasers (ie. clients) with all info such as address, quantity, color..etc.
    4. We then can package and forward all items to the shipper to send to the US/Canada.

    In terms of pricing it is very difficult for us to quote a 1 price fits all kind of model. We need to speak to each seller individually to see what their needs are so pricing is determined after our phone conversation. In any case rest assured that our pricing model will be very competitive compared to the numerous Chinese based companies out there. Also our staff will communicate with you in non-broken English hence likelihood of errors are severely curtailed.

    If anyone might be interested please drop me a pm or you can reply to this post. Again we are only taking on a few more clients.