Dropped in G because of DC? www or no www

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    Hi there.
    Since one week one of my projects dropped from about 100/d to now 5/d and is wondered what happened.
    I did nothing new on that site, it's a small WP-installation with nothing special, i don't to get in trouble with G.
    So now it seems that it is dropped, seems so because of DC. But there is no DC.
    A few weeks ago i recognized in webmastertools that some of my domains have been found by G now twice. Once with www and once without www .
    That without www was new, i always use with www and I used a WP_plugin name "enforce www-presence".
    Dunno when or why, but it seems that this plugin in combination with wp-update went wrong so that G now sees DC :-(

    I now deaktivated that plugin on all domains where i used it, worpdpress manges that canonical by itself since many versions i think.

    but what can i do with that "dropped" page now? just wait?