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    I was mining for some domains today and found decent one, so I bought it somewhat more hastily than I normally would because I was in a rush.

    The site was in the medical industry; all links and anchors are clean and from .edu, hospitals and research departments.

    Archive shows the same site throughout 2002-2011

    In 2012
    it went up for auction.

    Heres where I fucked up:

    In 2013-2014 on archive.org only one screen each year is shown, and its a 408 Request Timeout: "The server closed the network connection because the browser didn't finish the request within the specified time".

    For some reason I assumed that meant it never sold at auction and wasnt an active site during that time (fuck you archive.org), but it was. After I bought it I noticed some pages of the site are still indexed in google with PR. They will show in the SERPs without "site:(site)(page-title)" needing to be used. The homepage however, is not indexed.

    One of the category pages still indexed in SERPs shows a title of "Home Renovating and Decorating | (old site title)"

    So clearly someone bought it at auction, set it up as a "home renovation" site and then dropped it for some reason.

    The fact that a PR3 medical site was picked up, rebranded, dropped, and the homepage isn't index worries me and seems obvious why.

    However, like I said its looks like no new links or anchors have been built from when it was originally a medical site. So unless the guy had a big sign saying "PBN!" I dont see how it could have gotten a penalty.

    Does this look like its clearly fucked and I have wasted 12$ and should let it die or is it worth looking into more?
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    I'd say either restore the site's original content, or stick some new content on it and turn it into a new site. Make a few solid links, along with some social signals and see if it indexes.

    Either way wasting $12 is not a big risk to take if you get an aged domain with a great backlink profile.
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    I think you are fine.

    I would worry only if some1 remade old website and used it as PBN with many outbound links. Or it was porn/pharmacy related.