drip feed non drop subs through a video URL? tricky tricky

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    ok so first i'll start by saying that the subscriber metrics must always look like this in the yt analytics ok:

    subs net sum 800 / total subs gained 1000/ total subs lost 200

    ...the total subs lost number cannot ever become higher than the net sum (current count)
    in the above example if i had ordered 1k subs and after the first 1k was sent only 200 got removed leaving me with 800... i would be satisfied and would not even want a refill unless the refill will be just 200 subs and they definatly stick the first try you feel me? free refills is what fucks up the channel. i want 80% or more to stick and i dont want large batches getting removed overnight. ok?

    in order to deliver subs that dont get removed by youtube i know of only two methods that work (or should work)

    1. is sending them through the video url not the channel url (bear in mind they still drop just not as much) i also have heard that supplying views will help decrease the amount that drops.

    2. drip feed the subs at the rate of 1 oer hour 24 subs per day lol. when ytmonster allowed drip feeding the subs i would send 1 per hour and they would mostly if not all stick.

    so im wondering if anyone can drip feed me 1 perhour just to see if they all stick and then somehow scale it up as much as possible. the thing to remember is that i will consider the channel ruined if the subs lost count ever exceeds the current count. the goal is to gain a bunch and loose only a small few then keep repeating the trend ok? please if there is a talented and smart coder out there who want to make a little dough but more importantly help me decode the yt algorithm so that i can get on the "inside" before they make it pay only. then i will crush them on behalf of all who have been cheated.

    thank you