DREAMHOST is Closing my account for Spamindexing and Scrapersites? Where do U HOST?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by alexsosn, Jun 8, 2011.

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    Guys.. I learned a lot from you here and there.. I was a customer with DREAMHOST for over 3 years and now I start doing well with SEO and get traffic and making finally not bad to begin money everyday .. and I get this from them:

    Specifically, the clause you violated is:

    "Customer agrees to not engage in activities pertaining to Black Hat SEO,
    Spamdexing, and so-called "Scraper sites."
    These can all have a severely
    detrimental effect on server performance and are not permitted."

    Our administrator has determined that your activities
    with regard to your SEO tactics are not those that we want on our
    network, and this will not change by moving to a VPS, or even a Dedicated
    account. We are no longer willing to host your sites.

    The determination was made to terminate service to your account per the
    terms of our 14 day termination agreement, and we are exercising our
    privileges under that clause.

    This decision is final, and I will not discuss it further with you.

    I wish you all the best in finding alternate hosting for your sites, and
    encourage you to use the time provided to obtain all backups you need of
    files/data stored on our servers, as there will be no further access
    granted after the 14 days have passed.


    I was just using SENUKE Article distribution... AMR and Scrapebox to comment and post ping-backs a lot lately to backlinks.

    I GUESS that's what EVERYONE here is doing.. right? Why Am I the only one to get account closed? WHERE DO YOU GUYS HOST YOUR BLOGS and create traffic for them using like they said: SPAMINDEXING?

    My question is:

    Should I just transfer to another host like godaddy shared hosting OR get myself a VPS with godaddy or somewhere else? CAN YOU PLEASE RECOMMEND ME Good VPS Hosts that you guys use? or maybe it's enough to just get a shared hosting like this one: http://www.godaddy.com/hosting/web-hosting.aspx?ci=9009 the 4Generation Hosting.??

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    hi sorry to hear that I been doing the same you do for the last month (without the senuke) with godady and hostgator and I don't find any problems yet.
    hostgator has much better support but if you buy a vps there make sure you get Cpanel because plesk is a real pain in the ass, good luck! SP