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Jan 18, 2008
I've come across somewhere in digitalpoint about FAKE TRAFFIC BOT.... But I don't remember where I've seen that.... I wanna know if it really works... I just want to fake the CPC impressions and DECREASE %CTR... Is this thing really exists? MY %CTR IS VERY VERY HIGH!!! I need to decrease it by increasing PAGE IMPRESSIONS!!! Don't know what to do...
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There are several available that claims to increase your page views and sadly none of these work. They either create traffic that cannot be picked up by google analytics or adsense or they create traffic but all with the same ip.

I have one thats like the second. PM me if you need it.
What kind of CPM is real non converting traffic worth? Would run on real machines but users would never see it.
If those bots really worked, you could just use them to boost impressions on CPM ads where you get paid per 1000 views. Now THAT would be something worth while lol.
Just unique ip count, if you get 1000 view with same ip, it mean you want trouble especially again cpm company, they are expert in this
Use ''Alexe fake tool'' or ''iFaker'' or iframe your site in 1x1 on a other site from you
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