Drawing Traffic Within an Adult Niche

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    Going to keep this short and simple, it's probably already been posted here but you never know.

    STEP ONE: Gather Adult Videos

    Gather videos from different adult sites, use a tool that allows you to download them with fair quality of video/audio (I use Realplayer video downloader for this).

    STEP TWO: Watermark

    Edit all of these clips and slap your watermark on them, your sites URL or anything along those lines is fine enough in this situation. (This can be done with Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, etc)

    STEP THREE: Repost The Clips

    After you have them watermarked, make sure to tag them thoroughly before re-uploading them to an adult video site. Seeing as so many people reach these sites daily, it's pretty much a way of free advertisement for your website.

    STEP FOUR: Monetize

    Paysites, Affiliate links, whatever you need to do to turn the traffic into money is done in this step.

    Short and simple, I've managed to drive a decent amount of traffic to my site using this method.

    It isn't exactly classy, but it works.
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