Dr. Spammer or how I learned to get away with spam and love the bomb

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    Recently I acquired a half-cracked copy of xrumer (kids, don't make the same mistake, you'll only get in trouble/f*ck up your PC). I wanted to do a profile blast, but since it was a cracked version (I did set the correct settings for profile blasting) it started posting instead of building profiles. However, that's not the point.

    Anyway, it started doing it's thang and by the time I realized it's posting to forums (roughly after 2 minutes), it had already posted to ~50 forums. The next day I got an email from clickbank saying that someone reported me for spamming:

    I'm not gonna sh*t you, I panicked; i pissed my pants (not literally). I had put a lot of effort in this site and I didn't want to lose it (my domain registrar was godaddy and my host was hostgator, so I was risking losing my domain and hosting acc./I'm too poor to afford bulletproof domains/hosting)

    So what did I do? Since I only had one page in my WP blog, I renamed my index.php file and made a new one with this code:

    <h1>Account terminated</h1>
    I also included google's analytics tracking code, knowing that the majority of people won't check the source code.

    Sure enough, I saw that the admin visited my site in the next 3 days (thanks, google). He didn't come on the 4th day so on the 5th day I brought back my original WP index file and had no problems since then (this happened a month ago)

    Of course, this was a half-assed effort. If you really want to make this work, you should copypaste html of a real suspended domain/site.

    TL;DR: if you're gonna spam forums/blogs, change your index file/.htaccess to say "account terminated". Also, add bufallobills.com to your blacklist

    I apologize if the title was confusing, it's a reference to the movie "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the bomb", it's a great movie, you should watch it.
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    Iv been looking for ways to maximise profit potential with xrumer so il take note of what uv said :)
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    Just act surprised, feel sorry and say that somebody else spammed your links...