DPowerMedia can't be a scam

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    DPowerMedia is one of CPA networks I applied for. I did not receive any confirmation mail from them saying whether I got approved or rejected. The very first mail I got them was a detailed one mentioned about what offers I should be promoting. I was wondering, these people did not even tell me the status of my application. I am not even sure if they verified it or not. They directly started asking me to promote it.

    I was in doubt and logged in to their site. I logged in and I could see a list of Zip and E-Mail offers there. I did not start on anything yet... However I did a search here on BHW first for "dpowermedia". It returns two results and both were being suspicious about them. I then Google'd "dpowermedia +scam It did not return any fruitful result but then it said it is run by Jacob Bishop who is an active member both on DP and Warrior Forum.

    I am not sure whether to start promoting their offers or not. Anyone paid by them already?
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    Oct 11, 2009
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    I changed the title from Dpowermedia to Dpowermedia can't be a scam and the below chat with it's AM is the answer for why... After posting that thread, I saw that he was online on Warrior Forum and also online via AIM. So just pinged him and here's the part of our chat...

    is available
    11:30 pm
    I am currently away from the computer.
    16h and 40m ago
    ME     11:30 pm
    ME (11:30:20 PM):
    Hi, is this DpowerMedia's AM?
    JacobDPM     11:31 pm
    JacobDPM (11:31:12 PM):
    hello yes
    ME     11:31 pm
    ME (11:31:41 PM):
    I am xxx from India. May I chat with you just for 3 mins regarding Dpowermedia if you are free, please?
    JacobDPM     11:32 pm
    JacobDPM (11:32:00 PM):
    ME     11:32 pm
    ME (11:32:53 PM):
    Thanks! I signed up with Dpowermedia.com last Friday. I did not get any mail saying whether I am approved or rejected. Yet, I received an E-mail from [email protected] saying that I can start promoting the offers. I logged in today and saw the available offers in the Dpowerprofit snapboard.
    ME (11:32:57 PM):
    Well, My question is...
    ME (11:33:41 PM):
    Don't I need an approval before I start off with the offers? or is it like anyone can directly proceed once they have signed up?
    ME (11:33:46 PM):
    Please advice.
    JacobDPM     11:33 pm
    JacobDPM (11:33:47 PM):
    hmmm, that means you must have been approved but the approval email was filtered, maybe in your junk email?
    JacobDPM (11:34:03 PM):
    what is the name of your account, the name you signed up with and i will verify?
    ME     11:34 pm
    ME (11:34:16 PM):
    I checked the Spam and Junk box as well. I didn't receive any mails Jacob.
    ME (11:34:24 PM):
    The E-mail is [email protected]
    ME (11:34:31 PM):
    Thanks for your support!
    JacobDPM     11:35 pm
    JacobDPM (11:35:11 PM):
    np.  i see it,     * xxxx the name
    ME     11:35 pm
    ME (11:35:17 PM):
    Yes that is the name
    ME (11:35:27 PM):
    E-mail I used was [email protected]
    JacobDPM     11:36 pm
    JacobDPM (11:36:32 PM):
    yes, you have an active account.  i see you signed up on 10-30, Status:Active, last Login: 11-05 12:42PM
    JacobDPM (11:36:57 PM):
    approval email did go out, don't know why you didn't receive.  Only active affiliates can receive our offer update emails that you DID receive
    ME     11:37 pm
    ME (11:37:09 PM):
    Oh I see!
    JacobDPM     11:37 pm
    JacobDPM (11:37:47 PM):
    AM made a judgement call to approve you based on the fact that you did not trigger any fraud alarms when signing up...no proxy, IPs matched your area, phone matched, etc.
    JacobDPM (11:38:36 PM):
    I would have preferred he at least reached you on IM first...but you're in now, and you've contacted me first, which is great
    ME     11:39 pm
    ME (11:39:15 PM):
    Well, So I am an active member and I can start off promiting the offers, yeah?
    JacobDPM     11:39 pm
    JacobDPM (11:39:40 PM):
    yes, that is correct.  I would start with any of the new ones sent out on recent emails, as they are fresh, with little saturation in the market place
    ME     11:40 pm
    ME (11:40:10 PM):
    Thank you very mich and also one final word - I am sorry to say this. I really did not mean to sound harsh or something. Couple of my friends who are into CPA said not work with DPowerMedia and said some bad things about the tracking system.
    ME (11:40:14 PM):
    I told them I am gonna try you as I kinda believe DPowerMedia as you are an active member both on DP and Warrior Forum. More over you are reachable over AIM so you can not be a scam. I am not sure what makes them say that but I am gonna work with you guys.
    ME (11:40:19 PM):
    Thanks for your support and understanding!
    JacobDPM     11:41 pm
    JacobDPM (11:41:45 PM):
    hey, np.  We don't have tracking issues, but we did have some outtages on campaigns last week.  We were hit by a huge amount of fraud on our zip submits, almost like a DDOS attack, flooding us with useless data.  Those affiliates were terminated, the campaigns taken down, new ones put up in their place
    JacobDPM     11:42 pm
    JacobDPM (11:42:23 PM):
    as far as tracking, we allow you to place your own pixels, either iFrame, Javascript or Image, and conversions are in real time
    ME     11:42 pm
    ME (11:42:58 PM):
    I see. Well, thanks for the opportunity Jacob and thanks for your time too. Now it's time to work on promoting the offers :-)
    ME (11:43:00 PM):
    Take care!
    JacobDPM     11:43 pm
    JacobDPM (11:43:46 PM):
    ok np, I'm usually on all the time if there are any issues.  And i have been going back and getting certain affiliates credited with leads during the outtage based on their avg conversion rates so they don't lose on media buys
    JacobDPM (11:43:58 PM):
    so if your friends have issues I wish they'd contact me so I can fix
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    One thing I've learned from affiliate marketing, is stay the fuck away from anything with 'DP' in it.

    Looking at their site, they seem reasonably new, have no PR and a high Alexa.
    They're probably not scammers, but small CPA Networks like this one often go bust or disappear so I'd be careful.
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    [email protected]
    Exactly.... Very well said...
    I would not promote it at all untill i see some good and bad reviews about them when google'd or search over in many other FORUMS...

    Still ,best of luck promoting new networks..:)