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Aug 21, 2009
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When you are downloading something with Rapidshare and you are a free user, you have to wait a certain amount of seconds to be able to start the download...well not anymore :)

When you get to the page to download something, just enter the following into your browser and the count will go down to 0. So now you can save 25 seconds of your life!


Not sure if this has been shared or not but hopefully it helps someone!
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It should e shared in lounge section. Anyway thanks for this share. Its an old method. Is it still working?
yea, it's still working, i've just tried it
thanks for the trick OP!

i made a bookmark with it in Firefox (make a bookmark from a blank page then edit it typing the above given code: 'javascript:alert(c=0)' to the Location), i called it 'RS countdown killer' lolz
so right after you hit 'Free User' on any RS download page, load the bookmark then hit ok on the pop-up and the counter will go to zero

edited: it seems that does not work, at first everything is going fine - the counter goes to zero - but right before you should get the download link rapidshare says this:
"The download cannot be provided. Please check, if your browser supports Javascript." - my browser of course supports it and it is enabled
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Not a problem :) Thanks for putting it in the appropriate section BigBuddy!
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