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    I've been a reader for a long time, but have only recently joined. I really enjoy this community, so thank you to all the blackhatters out there that are helping me make money - Keep the ideas coming!

    This is my first thread here, so go easy on me (LOL).

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    I checked over the forum and I didn't see anything quite like this. This doesn't make you money directly, but could allow you to get some Clickbank or other affiliate products for free.

    This may seem obvious (probably especially to the black hat veterans), but this is a great technique for all the noobs out there.

    Many of the product creators do a great job at creating their products (well, I suppose that could also be argued - there are some crappy products out there), but not so great at building their website.

    Casually Surfing with the "site:" Command:hijacked:
    I have found some (as in quite a few) of these product sites that done such a good job at SEO that they have indexed their product pages. They don't show up in a regular search, but you can do the following to find them: use the Google "site:" command

    ex. "site:h**p://www.affilateproductsite.com"

    This will show all the pages that have been indexed and many times the ebook or other pages have been indexed! Then you can just casually surf over and download, download download!

    This technique does not work if it is some kind of membership site because they usually have their content protected by a login or something.

    Cool Sidenote #1::cool:
    Other sites though, (heh heh heh) have pretty much their entire site indexed. If the download page is not readily apparent, I have also even seen the "robots.txt" file indexed by Google. LOL. Well, now you know exactly what they don't want you to see (and therefore is probably valuable). Just type in those URL's.

    Cool Sidenote #2::cool:
    Some sites may only have parts a page indexed. These can also be utilized to get free products if you don't mind doing some digging. Open up the source code and look for what links show up. Do a search for "<a href=" and you'll see what they are linking too. Then, once you know what the file name is you can just add it onto the the url (like "Cool Sidenote #1).

    Morally Wrong? :confused::eek:
    Hmm, well you're on a black hat forum, so I'll let you answer whether or not downloading someone's entire digital product for free because they left it out there for Google to index is right or wrong (*evil grins*):firedevil

    Throwin' you a bone::feedback:

    Sh*wn Horw**d's Big G**gle D*minati*n has been almost completely indexed.

    Google: "site:biggd*minati*n.com"

    Happy Downloading!

    BHW Challenge: What can you find?
    Please try out this technique and post your results back. Let BHW know what you find and help out the Noobs who could use a few good products to get going.

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    ~The Internet Viking~ "Pillaging the Internet"
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    Are you sure? Please search.

    e.g. - There are tons of tricks here that has already been posted
    And this thread...

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    I missed those. Thanks.

    ~The Internet Viking~
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    But nice of him to try and contribute guys, thanks anyway. Hittin ma button viking