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Download & Re-Upload 50 vids for a YT test ?

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by Rock_Shock, Oct 21, 2016.

  1. Rock_Shock

    Rock_Shock Power Member

    Sep 11, 2016
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    I am running a test on YT. I need around 50 vids of > 15 mins length. Obviously can't create..it's just a test and I don't have time to make em..

    Will this work to prevent copyright issues. Videos need to be up for 2 months. Steps I intend on doing :

    Download video of non-MCN partnered small channels.
    Remove audio.
    Insert free public domain audio (Not even CC, I will use public domain) given free in YT library.
    Insert intro
    Remove 2 seconds of video in between every 5 mins or so
    Rotate video by 1 degree using camtasia
    Remove 1 cm of margin all sides by crop via camtasia

    Will this work in beating YT's copyright algo. Have a feeling 99.9% we will beat it. Just asking to make sure. It is an important test..an experiment on ranking. Will remove vids post 2 months. Wanna see if my system works or not.. nothing else. The youtube channels will not flag/report etc. I am 100% sure they themselves won't.. so unless YT finds it or their MCN has content ID and it finds the vids.. they wont be found. I will mitigate content ID by making sure they are small channels with 5 vids at max and abandoned years ago and no MCN affiliation will check via socialblade. Just wanna make sure YT wont f*ck the vids. They are pretty unique as far as YT is concerned. Just asking to make sure. Replies will be much appreciated.

    Thanks ! :)