[DOWNLOAD] ▶️ 400 websites that accept NICHE EDITS! ✅ Traffic up to 400k ✅ DR up to 75 ✅ Prices start from $10 ✅


Dec 31, 2017
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Hey BHW community.

I don't need fancy graphics for this service as I can assure you it is TOP NOCH!

After Spending thousands of dollars from different services in BHW for NICHE EDITS/LINK INSERTS and doing hundreds of hours of manual research, I have created a list with +400 sites that accept Link Inserts/Niche Edits.

Buying NICHE EDITS in the forum will cost you between $90-400, depending on the website. Check out this website:

page 1.png

The website stats are great. It has a DR:60, 4k traffic, and 2k referring domains. Do you know how I discovered this blog?! This niche edit can be found on the forum for $115!!!

BUT, do you know how much the Blog charges for a NICHE EDIT?!

$30. Yes, you read that correctly. The blog charges $30 for a NICHE EDIT!

You will find +400 Blogs that accept Link inserts/Niche Edits in the list.

Comment below “Full LIST + Samples,” and I will share the Website mentioned above!!!

All the outreach is done manually by me and all sites selected are hand-curated.

Contacted +1,000 blogs and, after manually checking them selected only 400.

email response 2.pngemail response 3.png

What will you get on the LIST?

  • 412 Sites that accept Niche Edits
  • Niches
  • Referring Domains
  • Domain Rating
  • Monthly Traffic from All countries
  • Monthly US traffic
  • Price per Niche Edit
  • Email Contact

Please note that Ahrefs stats may change. The last update of Ahrefs stats was done between 27-31 December.

Comment below “Full LIST + Samples,” and I will share the list with samples.

There is a limited number of Lists that will be sold. 200 copies are enough for the list not to get saturated and for the prices not to increase. Act fast to get yours as the value is INSANE.

NOTE that I am not selling only on BHW, so the list may sell fast! This will benefit all of you who are serious about link building.


During the email outreach, I have come across different GUEST POST FARMS and PBNs. I have tried my best to avoid them. But, I have saved all Lists with +30,000 sites and PBNs.

All buyers will receive these lists as a BONUS.


All buyers will get a small guide on finding posts related to your niche so you can place the NICHE EDITS.

PRICE: $98

For crypto payment, contact me!

After buying the LIST contact me to RECEIVE YOUR BONUS!!


The primary contact is BHW.

Email: [email protected]

Refund Policy: The LIST will be delivered within 24 hours (usually within a few) at most. Once delivered, there are no refunds for obvious reasons if I fail to deliver the LIST, an automatic refund would be granted.



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Nov 29, 2012
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