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    I have a google blog. Im using Hit4Hit traffic exchange website for increase my blog visitors. Is it harm to google algorithm. Please clarify my doubt.
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    Hi and welcome to BHW!

    I dont know this service so I went to their website. The first sentence i could read there was :

    "The Higher the traffic of unique visitors to your website = The higher the Search Engine Rank!"

    This is nonsense in my opinion, there are a lot of websites that have thousands unique Visitors through AdWords, but no rankings at all in Google. I guess the only winner in this traffic-exchange thing is hit4hit.

    Actually its more like

    "The higher the Search Engine Rank => The Higher the traffic of unique visitors to your website"

    To improve your ranking in Google you need to do some Blackhat-SEO. You will find great posts here about the art of linkbuilding.
    To increase your traffic you can not only do SEO but also for example Social Media Marketing.

    Get rid of the Hit4Hit banners as fast as possible and start to explore this fantastic place now. Most users here dont like to "spoon feed" Newbies like us...
    The best way in having success is testing things. So next time you have doubts about sth, track your rankings while testing sth new and you will find out if its working or not.

    If you change the title from "doubts" to "Will Google penalize the use of Traffic Exchange?" you might get more answers...
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