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Double Unique Traffic White Hat Way Without Backlinks

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by darulez, Mar 27, 2017.

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    Mar 12, 2013
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    Got an very old site, I neglected for many years..

    Cause, I was and I am still banking $$$ via youtube white hat legit way, I never focused after the "big 2012 purge" on any website there after.

    as creating structured posts are kind of "work for me" and youtube kind of relaxing, you can imagine, why I spent most of my time on YT and not on google..

    But, 2016 I "cleaned" up many YT projects and was thinking "ok, I am finished, what now?" > time to fix your sites on AND off page.

    so, for this project, I started around december:

    Adsense also 25x
    morekeywords are also moving into top 100:

    It kind of doubled / trippled the uniques. It's a site that contains around 700 reviews. no, not the usual crap you find on "bestxyzreview2017.info". all HQ unique articles, but, on page / on site was kind of really fucked up on that site.
    and as they are just "product name review" type articles, they dont get much traffic at all. but, I never cared.

    So, I really overhauled that baby big time.

    -I DONT use responsive "fucked up on all display sizes" theme. I am an old 1998 html3.2 nerd td/tr table nerd, and that responsive "mobile fucked up design" shabang pisses me of everytime I pick out my IPHONE which has "double pixel" what ever and everything looks garbage. done.

    -I dont use SSL on those sites - but thats just "personal".

    what I did:

    -I "pagespeed the crap" out of this project. "tinypng", php7, gzip, only the most needed plugins (like 5!), you get the idea. sadly i cant use ssd for DB and files :/ hoster wants more money. and i am not a jscript guy, so I cant "make 1 out of 5" ...

    - i "on page check that site" with every major on page checker out there (seobility, onpage.org, and a bunch of others. ) though in the end, I only use seobility, as it finds 98% of what the other dozens find. and is faster and easier to use.

    - I stopped selling backlinks on those sites

    - I silo'd that site into static "category"PAGES, and STATIC category subpages which contain the links to the posts. kind of like bestproducts.com - just my theme looks more ugly then theirs ;)

    - I change theme (twentyten, YES! FCKresponsive!), to the max. no "author, date" links to / in head and footer area and every crap and garbage I could remove out of the code.

    - no more TAGS, NO MORE categories (except one, which is noindex).

    - tinypng ALL images.

    - php7

    - gzip.

    - removed plugins

    - no more unrelated external links (sorry bros, no more "free traffic" and HQ links for u without paying)

    - no more linkselling

    - brand new header & logo.

    - added Gplus page.

    - removed DC

    - and I think a bunch of 22 other things :)

    > now the funny part begins creating off page links to that site to boost its DR.

    * it is only a small site project. so dont come with the usual dick size comparison comments. ok? keep it clean. and wash it daily after usage.. .

    not really one of the $$ hitters in my arsenal. but a good case study that deligent on page optimisation WORKS.

    And now I have the funny part to roll that knowledge out to 20 more projects :/.

    If you got some questions, just ask. I try to help

    oh, and gimme some "Likes", as i cant collect "dislikes" as in youtube here.
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