Double journey (online/offline) to create an established business

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    Hello and thanks for reading my thread!

    I'll not talk about myself for hours as I never read that on other's journey.

    I start this journey to boost me at the maximum as I'm a little lazy theses days, I know what I have to do and how to do, but I wait and I wait... I hate that!! I really want to establish a serious business so it's time to work on it each and every day!

    So, my journey will be separated on 2 sub-journey:
    I- My offline journey

    Simple method I'll use (seen on bhw):

    1- Create a professional website where I add my contact, my service, my previews work etc... To make it professional (

    2- I create wordpress themes that are design targeted (i don't know if it's understandable) to specific business on my area (that doesn't have already a website).

    3- Install the theme on subdomains that are named like this:,, etc... and edit the site

    4- Contact business owners and tell them they can buy a superb nice website and see the preview on

    5- cashout when they buy (reasonable price) and monthly fee for hosting and management.

    6- Try to sell them a month or two later seo service.

    I have not started for now, as I've just finished my pro website, but I know I can find client, I will test things and go with what work the best then scale:

    -different kind of prospection (cold letter, cold call, go myself to their office,...)
    -different prices
    -different sale letter/page
    II- My CPA journey

    The second part of this journey is about CPA, I'll use this money to scale things, invest in other form of websites, seo... Long term things in sort!

    I'll use youtube video+seo and personnal sites+seo+(social media if I have the time) for traffic.

    I'll use mostly white hat valuate stuff as I target high payout pin submit.

    I'll talk more about the cpa part in another post, for now, i'll concentrate more on the offline part.

    I will try to upload this thread at least one time a week to post the earning