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Dorets builds semi-professional blog to spread the message of becoming the real deal!

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by tdoretti, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. tdoretti

    tdoretti Newbie

    Sep 18, 2013
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    laguna niguel, California
    Sup guys, wanted to start another thread in the blogging forum so get some feedback on how to build and expand this little project the RIGHT way. So my dream is to build a daily blog so people and business contacts can follow me, my journey, but most importantly the growth along with training and lessons I think are important enough to share with aspiring entrepreneurs. I FIRMLY believe that Vision not goals are what drives people forward, propelling them past their original goals and onto something much much more unrealistic than they previously thought un-attainable. My Vision is to build my brand and have it become something much greater than a simple phrase. The fine details I really have no clue yet. XD remember I am involved in a rapidly growing network marketing company which is compiled completely of young people. I allready have a huge role as a leader but I want to transform it to something much bigger as I have seen other mlm professionals do. Right now that company is almost untouched online and thats where I see massive $ signs. BUT this is where the blog comes in, Im allready working on a website project for the company that ill be able to exclusively monetize but I want my personal story out there as well. I see blogs as a massive traffic source not only for IM but my company as well.

    Right now I have a tumblr but I find the site a little bit of a hassle to work with. Idk maybe its just my technology tardness stepping into play. who knows. But yah right now just wondering for a longterm following should I use tumblr or wordpress? Im looking for the most customable blog. will be updating long term. Talk to you soon everyone. If your interested in my personal journey check out my journal in the IM journal section.

    Namaste, tdoretti