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    Ok, My research on Doorway / Portal page applies the same as a (LP) Landing page, seeing that the Doorways primary purpose is to serve as an LP.

    In the places where the research data link was NOT allowed by this forum, simply google the keywords & you will see a subpage with the Scorpion Agency root - thats the page.

    The 2 Part research / Article I wrote is As Follows:

    (Please Note: That the links we provided are directly to the supporting research LP pages in question & should be looked at as supporting evidence for this research. - We pride ourselves on being able to provide Proof with our articles - Rather than the ever so common Article writers that have no documentation to back up their theories.)

    Part 1:

    A large portion of webmasters ponder the thought of adding doorway / portal pages to extend their efforts in the search engines. You hear 2 stories out there; 1.) Doorway / Portal pages are a great way to focus on other key words to bring traffic to your site & 2.) Doorway / Portal pages are frowned upon with the engines & may result in you being violated & or banned from the engines index. You should know that after our research we found that Both statements are just as accurate.

    There is a right way & a wrong way to do a Doorway / portal campaign. If you do it the wrong way you risk being bumped out of the engines index for an undisclosed amount of time.

    We launched a doorway / portal campaign around a week & a half ago to test the theory. So far (in 1 1/2 weeks) 3 out of 4 have indexed in google & 1 out of 4 indexed in yahoo.

    I will use one doorway / portal page as an example here: Sorry - forum wouldn't allow the reference page for verification, google it <<~~This link will take you to a page we did for Humor, the keywords we focused on are "Emergency Website Design". This page ended up Indexing in the #3 spot on the first page of Google. Further research shows that there are 13,300,000 competing with those 3 keywords & the term is only searched for 1-3 times per day in Google.

    Granted 1-3 searches in a day isn't much, however for a test doorway/portal its sufficient enough to conclude Phase one of our research on the theory.

    Test it out, enter "Emergency Website Design" into the Google search box & hit enter (Note: this article was written on Aug. 23rd 2007 - results may vary due to constant keyword competing in the engines).

    You can use Doorway / Portal pages to your advantage as you can clearly see from above, however I have to warn you that if you do it wrong it will be construed as spamming the index & may cause you to be banned for an undisclosed amount of time. A few things you need to adhere to:

    • Keywords have to at least pertain to your site in some context (Example: if your main site is for Photography then you can make portals focusing on key phrases like - Wedding photography, Modeling photography, professional photography, etc... as long as they pertain to your main context.)
    • NEVER do a doorway / portal page that does NOT pertain to your main context (Example: If your main site is for photography and you create a page that targets key phrases like: power drills, screw drivers, Cyndi Lauper, chocolate candy, etc... in an attempt to attract potentials in a deceptive nature, then you risk being Banned from the engines for an undisclosed amount of time for irrelevance & spamming.)
    • When creating a doorway / Portal page you want to make sure your basic SEO fundamentals are in place, Such as proper meta tags & content Vs. Keyword Density. A safe density is under 5% for each keyword, anything over 5% may show up as a red flag in the engine as potential spamming. (Search engines such as Google work on mathematical algorithms)
    • Make sure to use your top key words in the page Title tag, Description tag, Keyword tag, Header, And URL. (Example of a URL that was targeting "Emergency Website Design" would be: Sorry - forum wouldn't allow the reference page for verification, google it
    • Make sure to put a link to your doorway / portal page somewhere in your footer (That way next time the engines spider your site it will follow your newly added doorway / portal page link & index it as well.)
    • Never duplicate the content on a doorway/portal page. As mentioned before a search engine works off mathematical algorithms, One of the features a search engine protects against is duplicate content pages (Otherwise there would be thousands of identical pages listed in the engines). Engines such as google and Yahoo Only show the most relevant content rich page out of the 1,000 duplicates (Meaning if you simply copy & paste some content & expect it to show in the index for another page, you are mistaken). Keep it Unique & original, be creative.

    In Conclusion: You may want to conduct your own research like we did. Keep in mind that not everyone needs a doorway / portal page added in the footer, these types of pages are normally used for individuals with Dynamic websites scripted in Php / Asp. Sites that are in all html have more control over the URLs and SEO friendliness. Basically if you have a site thats all .html pages than you can think of each page as a doorway / portal. In any event, you should always apply the basic fundamentals of SEO to every page of your site (Not just the home page). Each page has the potential to bring in consumers for different keyword phrases.

    As mentioned before, this article is based on Phase one of our doorway / portal page testing, there will be a few more research articles released at a later date when we collect more data.

    Part 2:

    This article is continued research (Please read Doorway/Portal Page Theory Revealed First "If you haven't already"). Part II research consists of the targeted product theory. The guidelines of the page creation is the same as stated in the first research article & we suggest you re-read our first article again prior to attempting to create your own doorway/portal page.

    Remember, if you do not create the page correctly with the primary guidelines you may risk your site being bumped from the engines index for an undisclosed amount of time.

    As you might already know, we also have a Templates-Themes section for the ready to use website designs that can be sold digitally instantly. We figured that using a few of our template sales pages would be Ideal for testing the targeted product theory, so we did just that.

    Our first test was for our Retired Marine Corps Template-Theme. We first researched different relevant search phrases to find the best one - we ended up targeting the key word phrase "USMC Template" - This phrase showed the most traffic potential out of 6 variations. Granted its only an average of 21-30 searches per day for the term, it all ads up at the end of a day when you have an arsenal of targeted product pages though.

    Ok, we test in Google seeing that it is the primary search engine these days. We do encourage you to verify our research for accuracy, as such we provided the URL and search phrase so you can verify the viability of this article easily. Page used is: Sorry - forum wouldn't allow the reference page for verification, google it and the targeted search phrase is "USMC Template".

    Heres the Best part - on 09-03-2007 for the search phrase stated above our targeted product test page was #1 on the first page of Google. (Results may vary over time)

    Our second test was for our Joomla configured Medical template design theme. Joomla being a top CMS solution we figured the targeting phrases would be a little bit more difficult due to competition. We were right for the most part, however after researching key word phrases we found one that was targeted enough & had a lower competitive nature about it. Page Used is: Sorry - forum wouldn't allow the reference page for verification, google it and the targeted search phrase is "Joomla Medical Template". (28-36 searches per day)

    As of 09-03-2007 for the search phrase stated above our 2nd targeted product test was #7 on the first page of Google. (Result may Vary over time)

    Its our conclusion in Part II of Doorway/Portal page testing that it is very easy to target individual product / services in an SEM campaign as long as you follow the main guidelines (Which we posted in the first research article ) so that you don't chance getting bumped out of the engine for an undisclosed amount of time.

    Please keep in mind that a doorway page may or may not take 14-30 days to index (Depending on your sites current inbound link stature). Our site as of 09-03-2007 has over 2,476 inbound links & 3,675+ pages indexed throughout a combined top 5 engines (And growing). Due to this it seems to take an average of 7-14 days for our new pages & or doorway/portal pages to index.

    We are continuing more research on doorway/portal page theories for future reference. We hope that our past and or current researches have been helpful to you.


    Author: Eric C. Lyon - Scorpion Agency