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    So since days, wannabe instagram pros keep telling that comments would help you to hit explore and go viral. They even raised their assumptions in that way, that words like "wow, cool, dope" dont work, as they are marked as spam via IG (lol). They kept telling, that you have to leave 4+ comments that fit the picture to trigger the IG algo (second lol). Those Infos, are coming directly from IG (I'm dead now).

    I just wanted to tell you guys, that you're completely waisting your time doing comments. Everybody who says something different, is just a fool and didnt tried it out on their own. Besides that, you want the comments so that you pictures look good? Even the "I love this picture" comments suck so damn hard and make your picture not a single bit better. People involved with IG are talking too much. Fucking get your ass up and try it out own your own. People are still thinking IG is calculabe. Thats the biggest bullshit ever. The IG algo is different for every account. It's like the human body. Everyone works different. And that's why you should stop listening to story tellers à la "It works for me, so it will work for you" and start testing it out yourself. I tried out so many things, on different accounts, with different niches and different amount of followers. You cant draw a clear line. The only thing you can say is, that comments waste your time. Likes will bring your post to the explore page of the IG users. Comments won't bring you anything. In my opinion, IG is more likely to strike those freaking comments. 20+ accounts commenting your pic with 4+ words within 10 mins? Well, as a IG boy, I would strike it instead of a benefit, as its hilarious. Dont you think so? :) Why do I hit likes with a third amount of the number of my followers on a pic, from a new account, WITHOUT a single comment? Because they dont do shit.

    Think about it in a different way. Who tf of your followers would write 4+ comments? Even your followers are commenting wow, beautiful and stuff. In 8 out of 10 cases they're just tagging a friend. Thats seen as a one word comment. And now you want to tell me that only 4+ word comments are working? Come on. IG must strike the comments of your followers too in that case. LOL

    Maybe comments will work on your account, because the algo fits. ;) But how do you wanna know, when you dont try it out on your own and just keep listen to storystellers? :)
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