Don't Think You Should Have To Pay A Bill? Ask! $78 reduced to $17

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    Several months ago, in August of 2012, I created a hosting account with HostGator. I tried out a method and soon gave up (due to a few reasons, but it's not really relevant). Anyhow, today I created a new account with an idea for a niche site, only to remember that I had the old one still active. I went back to this old account to the shock of owing $78 in invoices! :lame:

    I was pretty upset, realizing that I had left "renew monthly" on. You see, when I payed for it, I used the paypal "one time payment" rather than "allow for monthly payments". In doing this, I thought that I wouldn't be charged monthly. In fact, I was still being invoiced for the monthly payment, but that option had just told HostGator that I didn't want them to automatically take the money from my paypal monthly. You can see where I got confused.

    Rather than just pissing away $78 for hosting that I didn't use past the first month, I decided to contact customer support. I also need to mention that after not paying, my website was "suspended" rather than being kept active, which I'm sure helped my reasoning to them. I got a very helpful guy named Tim and after 30 minutes of back and forth, got every charge taken away, except for the second month and last month (I had payed for the first month upfront). I made sure to insist I planned to launch new websites with them, as well, which probably helped the reduction. I did try to get the last removed also, but he said their position is that they were still holding my files, etc etc...

    In the end, my $78 invoices were reduced all the way to $17. Not bad considering I basically "made" $60 for 30 minutes of chat. If only I could make $120 per hour every day! :)

    TL;DR version
    • Forgot about old hosting, $78 in outstanding charges
    • Talked to customer support with kindness and patience
    • Got my charges reduced to $17

    Not bad, eh? :congrats:
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    Hostgator definitely has the best customer service around gotta love em' lol
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    y would you pay at all?
    y not just make a new account, and start over...
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    Because he's trying to be a professional businessman who keeps his word and not some shit head little kiddy amateur?
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    Sorry to go a little off topic... But, this actually works with credit card companies too. I once had a debt with a major credit card company and after months of not paying them they were willing to settle for half of what I owed them. Obviously it wasn't good for my credit score but it was in my younger years when I was a lot more dumb. :pat:
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    Yes they have best support service in industry but in some counties (like India) their support system really sucks. But yeah their U.S. support team is unbeatable.