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    Understanding that analytics are vital to the success of our affiliates, our lenders, and our company as a whole, Zero Parallel dedicates significant time and strong focus enhancing such features. Our efforts allow our partners to optimize their campaigns easily, thus helping generate more revenue.

    Some of our reports include:

    • EPL ? Earning per Leads: This report allows you to see the overall performance of your leads and how much revenue they are generating.

    • Tier Report: This report allows you to review your revenue on a per tier level. When affiliates are able to see what tier their leads are converting on, they can optimize the campaign to convert at higher tiers, thus raising the overall EPL.

    • Summary Report: This report allows affiliates to see their overall performance in one place. Numbers are condensed to show you daily leads generated overall, leads sold, conversion rate, EPL, average revenue generated per lead sold, and overall commissions.

    • Detail Report: This report allows affiliates to view each individual lead generated. Data includes status (sold or reject), Date, Product (Payday or Installment), sub-id, tier, revenue generated, and redirect rate. A healthy redirect rate is 90%, meaning that when a consumer is approved for a loan, at least 90% of consumers must successfully redirect to the lender contract page in order to electronically sign the lender documents and process the loan. This only applies to affiliates who are posting leads to Zero Parallel via API.

    • Pixel: Zero Parallel allows affiliates to place and test their own pixels. This section can easily be found within the Zero Parallel platform. By allowing affiliates to place their own pixels, it saves time and enables affiliates to launch their campaign much faster.

    • Min (Tier) Pricing: Zero Parallel works with publishers to come up with min prices that work for all parties. Contact your affiliate manager to formulate the best plan for you.

    • State & Time Report: This report allows affiliates to meticulously analyze data related to date, time, and conversion report throughout EPL. By using this report, affiliates can modify their marketing strategies to their benefit. For example, one affiliate may decide to concentrate on the more profitable state, while another affiliate may want to balance by pushing marketing towards the lower performing states.

    • Up Coming Reports: We are always improving the user experience, which is why we make regular updates to our tracking platform.

    To learn more about the Zero Parallel Payday Loan offers, visit the Zero Parallel thread in the marketplace.

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