Don't Let BHW Turned into Another DP

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    Newbie Forum Action Guide
    The most common problem of every newbie face is being lost in success stories and dream of making millions within next couple of months. It is natural. But have you ever thought what obstacles your journey? It is your unorganized action. Lemme help you to organize a portion of your journey.
    You are here to learn. Right? Don't know about you. But when I first found BHW, I stayed here to learn and so far I have successfully learned. Learning or being informed is the first part of your Million dollar journey. Follow my guideline and I hope you will learn IM & SEO in the shortest period.

    1. Determine what you wanna be. You have to be the Master of 1 trade and Jack of all other trade. Fix your Mastering trade.
    2. Be hyper active in that section of BHW
    3. Read & Read and question less. It is better to ask question to Google rather than here.
    4. Your main target is to achieve the capability of taking participation in discussion.
    5. Don't misinform your fellow forum members.

    Download Section Instruction:
    1. Don't download any books and course except your sector in the learning session.
    2. Request according to your contribution.

    Happy Learning :)