Don't leave money on the table. Ask for sigs and other back linking in addition to pay

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    Tired of getting paid next to nothing for your article writing and forum posting? Get used to it if you take jobs from DP and other bulk content writing forums, but there is value in them there worthless jobs.

    Simply ask that you be able to create a "valid" and "owned" account, complete with a **************** sig and maybe a bl or two. Most site and forum owners will let you do this, and it cost them as little as a single outlink. I know this might not seem like a money making venture in of itself, but I would rather get paid 10-20 bucks for a few hundred posts and a **************** to a site with high profit potential than to get 30 bucks and never see a further return. I also ALWAYS offer to do a free SEO report and ask them to opt in to "my" SEO course. Your "boss" is not your boss, but your client. Follow up as such.

    Never leave money on the table. There is always that story of the mizer that dies with loads of cash under his bed at the YMCA that he got from years of can collecting. 5 cents at a time adds up, as do backlinks.

    PS. Also clear all jobs to be added to your "no-index-nofollow" portfolio, with permission of course ;)