Don't kill your links - maim them - and earn more $$$

Discussion in 'CPA' started by BigHustlah, Feb 28, 2010.

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    Many of you already know that in order to cover your tracks with CPA networks you should kill your links after a certain point in time. This is correct, however, you are leaving money on the table.

    I have talked to a lot of people who send/post a link one day, and then kill the link 24-48 hours later. This method is pretty effective to keep CPA networks off your tail, but the problem with it is that there are most definitely more conversions coming in after the 1st 48 hours. So all that 49-hour+ traffic is lost.

    This is where link maiming comes into play. Link maiming is basically rotating different offers from different networks through your link. The following breakdown isn't exactly how I do it, nor is it how I recommend that you do it. Use your own judgment and set your own parameters.

    For an example, let's use acai berry since most networks have this offer:

    Days 1-2 - link goes to acai offer "A" at network "A"
    Days 3-4 - link goes to acai offer "B" at network "B"
    Days 5-6 - link goes to acai offer "C" at network "C"
    and so on...

    Following this method will keep your conversions to a maximum while covering your tracks at the same time. This may be obvious, but I am going to point it out anyways...don't rotate the same offer through your links, even if it's with different networks. The best practice is to find similar offers on different networks and rotate through those.

    I hope this post helps some of you make a little extra $$$.
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    Great share! I've been looking for a way to stay under the radar and somehow maximizing conversions. Now, time to look for more networks that have similar offers. Thanks! Keep it coming!
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    Ive been doing something similar for a while now.. eventually having a b h friendly offer up there, funny to see 8-10 conversions a day coming in on links that i know are over a week old. Great share OP +rep for residual income
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