Don't give up. Everything is achievable!!!

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    Before joining the Jr.VIP section, I thought I would write my experiences and give some advice to people struggling to make money online.

    First of all, I would like to mention that I am not a genius, my IQ is average and I am pretty sure less that lots of people here in BHW.

    It all started 5-6 years ago when I thought I would switch my career to make a living online. As an Engineer, I always calculated the steps before taking them until one day I thought that I will go for IM, do my best and get the best out of it whatever the outcome/profit was.

    I earned my living from eBay at that time were my business was focus on selling Digital Deliveries. Lots of money to be made easily and competition was not fierce.. I scaled my profits well until i reached a solid $60-80 a day. Not bad compared to the 2-3 hours i have worked daily. This all stopped someday when eBay changed their rules, not allowing digital deliveries anymore... This was a shock to me.. I lost my solid stream of income.. I felt like I got slapped hard and robbed at the same time. Not so long before being totally broke!!

    That is when I decided to take the next step, create a website and read about SEO to monetize my domain... Spent hours, days, weeks reading everything in sight on webmaster forums (BHW was not glorious at that time as it is now...).

    I was very young, 16, yet had so much motivation and will to learn. By implementing, trying, rinse-repeating, learning from my mistakes and reading other people's experience I have scaled my profits to 4 figures daily.. I have learnt a LOT.. I have failed 100s of times but always stood back up stronger...

    Here is my advice to people starting:
    1) Never give up!!
    2) Read and watch any course.. Visit interesting webinars and hear what these guys are talking about.
    Even the shittiest ebooks/courses might give you an idea to jumpstart your ideas.
    No ebook is too shitty. No course is too dumb. No webinar is too boring.
    There are TONS of gold in the download section in BHW. Download/learn/implement.
    3) Implement and search for income streams.. Think outside the box..
    4) Never put all your eggs in one basket... A $1000 daily income from various income streams is definitely better than a $2000 daily income from one source.
    5) Read other people's failure, learn from their mistakes.
    6) BHW has tons of GREAT threads/tools.. LOTS to learn from here... Lots of cool people/moderators/admins to engage and give pure, honest advice and suggestions.
    7) If you used a cracked software, liked it and made money from it, BUY IT.. This is the only way you can thank the developer for taking you a step forward.
    8) Once you make a decent income, donate a % to charities/homeless ppl.. ur chance of becoming a better person and helping the ppl in need. (What goes around, comes around)
    9) invest your earned money to buy tools/outsource. It will pay off!!

    All my business is whitehat/grayhat... No shady stuff, nothing illegal and yes it is achievable!

    Working on reaching a 5 figure income daily... that is my next goal! :)

    Good luck...

    PS: My Income streams is a mixture of my own products websites, CPA, adsense, subscriptions, services, adspace, etc.......
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