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Don’t Get Banned on Twitter - *100 Post Milestone*

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by SEOwned, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. SEOwned

    SEOwned Regular Member

    Apr 16, 2012
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    So it's my 100[SUP]th[/SUP] Post, I know that's not huge but still a small milestone for me, I've only been with BH since April 2012 and learning SEO and IM since then. I've learnt loads of cools tips and tricks whilst discussing in these forums so want to say Thanks to all who've help me so far.

    I'm still learning everything, trial and error have been my main strategy so far with many Errors! Anyway less jibber jabber about me, I want to share some advice I've learnt on Twitter Testing that I've done, how not to get banned.

    My current twitter accounts stand at around 85, I've probably had close to 150 accounts in total, I use Tweet Adder to automate things for me, it does save a large amount of time but you can multi account on twitter without automated software. In fact Twitter is currently suing most current automated companies out there.

    Different Proxies
    Firstly if you want to create multiple accounts that are not going to get banned you want to use different Proxies so your IP changes, you can buy these pretty cheap on BH, Fiverr or even use Public ones. I try to use each IP for 10 accounts but NOT all at the same time, I'll create 5 one day and another 5 the following day, I've had all 10 accounts banned before creating them on the same day.

    If you buy private proxies I would suggest using Google Chrome as it's got a great free plugging to keep track of all your proxies allowing you to switch around quickly, search "Proxy Switchy" https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/caehdcpeofiiigpdhbabniblemipncjj

    You can also change your Proxies Manually in Chrome using this guide:

    What are Proxies?
    A proxy basically allows you to change your IP Address; the IP Address is a string of numbers which shows your location. Go to this site - http://www.iplocation.net/ it will show your IP number and also Probably the Country you're in and maybe even the city.

    By buying Proxies we can look like we are in different parts of the world. Sites track your IP address, if they see you are creating 100's of accounts from one IP they will more than likely block you and close the created accounts - NOT GOOD!
    For a more detailed version on Proxies check out Wiki:

    Email Providers
    You'll need a new email address for every account you create, I personally use Yahoo and Hotmail free accounts, and rotate between the two, if you create too many accounts on the same IP too fast, they will be banned. I try to avoid using GMAIL as they are really fast at banning fake accounts, Yahoo are also pretty good, so far I've not had any Hotmail Emails banned.

    Account Creation Software - Fiverr Gigs
    You can also use software to create accounts and Fiverr Gigs, they problem is they normally don't seem to live for very long, accounts use fake pictures of real people, they look really fake, at least I can spot fake accounts pretty fast. I have brought some Fiverr Twitter accounts in the past but then changed the images and information myself.

    Also if you do buy accounts that you want to keep long term and build up into a strong Twitter Account make sure you change the password on both the email address and twitter account. If you don't do this, the person who created the account can pretty much take it back at any time. An account is more valuable the older it is, the more tweets and REAL followers it has.

    Fake Followers Why?

    I love fake followers because they are cheap, 99% of Followers you buy are fake accounts no matter what the other person tells you, they are fake! But don't get angry that's not a bad thing as it helps you out in a few ways.

    1. It makes you looks popular so other Twitter users will trust you more.
    2. Your ratio is better so you can follow real people without getting banned.

    It's worth mentioning Fiverr again here, there are many people on Fiverr selling Twitter accounts, I won't recommend any as I don't want to be accused of trying to sell you something or help promote someone else. But I will say, make sure you do the following.

    1. Only buy gigs from users who have a high rating, after you search for something on Fiverr always press "rating" to sort the order of highest ratings first, this will save you loads of time from buying BAD GIGS, wasting your time and money.
    2. Accept that the followers are going to be fake, but will benefit you from looking popular and allowing you to follow more real users as your ratio will be better.
    3. Contact the sellers first, tell them exactly what you want and ask for a better deal, I don't want 15,000 people following my new account with 3 tweets and 2 days old as it looks fake and I'll get banned easier! I usually just get 1,000 followers to 10 accounts instead for $5. Spread out the followers across accounts.

    Design and Profile
    Take some time creating a custom background and making your design look catchy a unique, it takes me no time at all to create a decent looking profile. Check out this fake profile:
    https://twitter.com/Katelin_Kemick it looks terrible, standard Twitter Background with a nonsense description, I'd say it's 100% fake.

    Now take a look at this https://twitter.com/SportsCenter, it's much better you can tell straight away what the account is for, it looks real, the description is nice and has a great link. Plus they have added their own background image which makes them even more unique (I don't like the background design but at least it's unique). I prefer backgrounds like this https://twitter.com/CocaCola much nicer design.

    If you want your account to attract members and stand the test of time, spend an extra 5 minutes on the style. And make sure you fill in a good description and an ACTIVE link to your site like http://www.yoursite.com not just yoursite.com.

    Another tip I've learnt in the description field which not many people use is "CHARACTERS" you can copy and paste them from here - http://www.alanwood.net/unicode/arrows.html

    See my example Twitter Description:

    ↠Boxing with our club puts you at the top of your game.
    Visit our site now ↡ ↡ ↡ ↡
    London - http://www.yoursite.com

    See how the arrows really make it stand out and look unique, this should help gain a little extra traffic to your site. In fact at the moment I get more traffic from Twitter to my sites than Google, however I work on both ways to get more and more traffic, also I don't want to rely on just one source for my traffic in-case the bubble bursts.

    Tweets and Links
    When writing tweets make sure you're not constantly spamming Links, this is a real fast way to get your account banned. I think the best ratio is about 60% standard tweets, 30% Links, 10% re-tweets and links to other sites.

    If you're using automated software do not just post loads of old joke lists as tweets, people hate these and will unfollow you fast, report you for spam and you'll end up banned. Spend a little time writing out a list of 100 to 200 tweets, this doesn't have to take too long, and remember the more valuable you make them the more people will tend to share with others bringing you more traffic.

    For example earlier I wrote a description for a Boxing Club, now I don't Box or know anything about Boxing but I think I'd be able to write 100 to 200 Valuable tweets in 30 minutes.

    Firstly I'll go to Google and type in something like Top Ten Boxing Moves or List of Best Boxing Moves, I'll write these down as tweets. For example I found this site:

    It says "Jab and Grab" so my first tweet would be "Jab and Grab, what's your favourite style of boxing or boxing move?" Remember to try and question/engage your followers.

    Here's another move on that site "Heads and Hooks" so I'd say something like "Does anyone know any good examples of Heads and Hooks combos?" or "RE-TWEET if you're a fan of Heads and Hooks Boxing Moves"

    Another great place for Tweets is searching in Twitter itself, type in the search box "Boxing" and see what comes up get some ideas, you can also go to YouTube and post some Boxing Videos, just find a good one that has lot's of views and likes, then prepare a tweet like this, "Boxing Greatest Hits, Retweet or Rebox? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVMf9fmZp7k"

    Again I know zero about boxing but it's still easier to prepare a list of high quality engaging tweets, and now you're looking natural you can start slipping in tweets with your own sites links in. People will grow to like you and trust you so why wouldn't they follow your link to your site. Just drop a few tweets like this "Thanks for all the support guys, here's my Review on 2012 Boxing as promised http://www.yoursite.com retweet as a thanks ;)

    Overlapped Accounts
    One way I've been banned in the past is posting the same tweets and links across multiple accounts, this is against Twitters Rules and they pick up on it pretty quickly, so if you want to post the same tweets on different accounts make sure you do it on different days or simply SPIN the tweets so they are different.

    This goes for your description and link to website too, make sure these are different, deep link your website, or link to your Facebook, Youtube even a WEB 2.0 just make all your accounts unique.

    To create accounts that are not going to get banned and serve you, your products and websites simply spend a little bit of time to make sure your set up is unique, attractive and that your content/tweets are engaging and add value to your users. In the long run this will pay off best.

    I could go on but I think that's enough information for now, perhaps I'll do a Part 2 with more tips if this thread stays active.

    Thanks for reading this far, I hope it's been of some value and thanks again to all of those who've helped me so far on BH.

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  2. hawgbert

    hawgbert Jr. VIP Jr. VIP Premium Member

    Jun 13, 2012
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    Thanks for taking the time to put all of this information into a clear format. I mean, it's even got a Summary!
  3. SEOwned

    SEOwned Regular Member

    Apr 16, 2012
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    You,re welcome, hope it helped.
  4. davids355

    davids355 Moderator-In-Training Jr. VIP

    Apr 25, 2011
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    Great post dude!
  5. kaplan

    kaplan Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Oct 11, 2010
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    Nice one.
  6. ppcmaster

    ppcmaster Elite Member

    Dec 26, 2008
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    WOW...>! That's a long post with loads of information. Everything looks cool to me. Just a small thing about proxies. The ones available for cheap would have been used, abused to an extent that some sites don't even let you in if you use those 'banned' proxies.

    A small recommendation - Stay away from free, public or cheap proxies. Opt for dedicated servers if you can afford. It will pay off in the long run.
  7. Duffers5000

    Duffers5000 Elite Member

    Apr 1, 2012
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    Good post...Lots of solid info....I second the dont buy any fiverr gigs for 20000 followers..You only need 1000 followers to look legit, from there you can build up your own account.

    Also when I have bought 1000 followers most of them have stuck around for some reason...Ive bought 5000 followers and seen them all dissapear within six weeks
  8. SEOwned

    SEOwned Regular Member

    Apr 16, 2012
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    Thats a very good point I totally agree about free and cheap proxies, new to stay away :)