Don't be fooled - SEC sucks.

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by JohnL, Oct 12, 2007.

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    Oct 3, 2007
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    This started as a reply to all of these people offering to build content pages. In my experience, this approach will not work for you. So many people waste time on it.
    Those sites are cake to put up. I can put up 50 in less than an hour. This is a joke. For anyone who needs this shit done - get YACG, and any decent programmer can create a script for you to throw up these types of sites.

    However, you probably won't get great results. Just focus on one niche and write real articles. Link back with a good anchor that you keep consistent and over time you'll get indexed.
    1. Keep your articles long - it's a sign of expertise.
    2. Bullet points, highlighted keywords, and links to relevant resources also help.
    3. Make sure the content is unique - Google is smarter than you. Stop trying to game their system. You will fail.

    All of the quick and easy methods only get you easy results and easy results have little rewards. If you want something that's simple to do get into arbitrage between small and large search engines.
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    Aug 13, 2007
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    SEC is good if you are kinda geek but if your brain is
    98% marketer and 2% geek then it wont work for you
    (unless you have some few Gs to pay others to do it
    for you)

    I agree with you (JohnL) about writing your own
    original content...its a good investment but very
    few... and I mean (VERY FEW )... are ready to do

    That's why people try things like SEC

    I've tried everything from simple script that grab
    pages from different sites, translate them to other
    language (German) and then retranslate them back
    to English to get the original content.

    By the way this script query google translator tool.

    These pages can bypass google "duplicate content"
    filters but then you have to do a cumbersome job to
    clean them up, it is better to write your own content.

    I've also used Markov engine to create thousands
    of pages on the fly, they get indexed but they are
    buried way down the SERP. No one can find them...
    as matter of fact google now don't even display
    "supplemental results" anymore so it is not easy to
    figure out whether they are SR or not.

    Well I've used many other methods but the best
    is still one and the only one and that is write
    your own content.

    May be some folks here have other better ways...
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    Aug 28, 2007
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    Job? what job?
    i think you post to many page at a time , then flag a spam so derank you

    try do it normally, yes, i am doing it for test
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    Mar 19, 2007
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    I wouldnt say building tons of pages with YACG is easy right out of the box. It took me a while to pick up some php to be able to modify things and write my own scripts. But once I had this side down it became easy to throw up 100's of sites in an hour or 2. Once you have that then promotion is the hard part and, IMO, what makes the difference between hundreds of dollars and thousands of dollars a month. At this stage I can get indexed reasonably quickly by G, but am not ranking well. Therefore my current projects revolve around getting backlinks.
  5. JinxY

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    May 14, 2007
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    JohnL you are right but not anyone can write quality articles...
    and i dont care if google bans my sites as long as they are in top10 on yahoo and msn...
  6. Michel


    Aug 20, 2007
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    Can you backup your statement that SEC sucks?
    Or are people using it the wrong way?
    Do you know how many option you have creating a cloaked site?

    When you build 200 websites in one day of course your SEC site will suck.
    People are lazy so they don't take the time to build a good site.

    I rather have one good cloaked site that makes money for years and took weeks to build, then 200 SEC sites that will get banned fast.
    When you cloak for fast money, you will get in trouble.

    If you think SEC sucks, perhaps you have trouble using it correct.........
    I have better results with SEC then with Fantomas Shadowmaker and the last one is called the best in the industry............