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Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Erik, Feb 20, 2009.

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    Just hit my 100th post here. I wanted to thank all the guys I've had a chance to work with and who've helped me.

    For the record I have never purchased an e-book, or bought a method from anyone. As I'm sure a lot of you are, I am immune to a sale's page. But When I found this site, the one thing that stuck out was that no one was actively trying to sell something. (buy-sell-trade excluded). There was no elaborate promises attached to a price tag to join BHW to read post or to ask questions of member. So I promised myself that If I would track any money I earned from the knowledge of the people on this site, and if that knowledge put extra money in my pocket, then I would donate.

    Well, since I found this site a few months back I have made more extra money from what I learned here that all my other schemes I was using before combined.... So now that I hit the 100 post mark, I wanted to keep my promise.

    You can count on my continued yearly subscription. (as small as it is, but well worth it.) It's a testament that money can be made for those willing to put in the work....

    So, thanks again to all the admins, mods, executives, vips, and also to the newbies trying to be as active as they can. This is truly a wonderful place where any one can learn something that works for them. Keep up the wonderful, wonderful job.

    Much Thanks,

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    I had donate today also.I just want give back to the forum for giving me some info's and knowledge for past years.