Donate $36/year to charity... FOR FREE! And no work required

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    My flagship website,, has just implemented it's newest feature: free SMS donation! Help me test it out by clicking the link below or simply texting "cashtexts 65400" to 69302; you donate 10 cents every single day! You (that's right, you!) also earn 25 cents per day. You will receive just five texts each day, alerting you to great deals based on your interests. That means we can donate $3/month, or $36 per year based on you alone! When we have just 1,000 members, or even 500, we'll be able to donate $18,000-$36,000 or more every year; but it all starts with you texting "cashtexts 65400" to the number 69302.

    You can also change the number of texts you receive each day; if you'd rather, only get 1 text per day, and still donate $7.30 per year, for free, by doing nothing but receiving texts!

    You can join by texting "cashtexts 65400" to 69302, or by clicking

    Please help me test this new feature of my site, AND become the first members in a huge movement to help better the lives of others (and make a tiny bit of extra cash on the side). I'd really appreciate it, and so would plenty of abused animals and underprivileged children (Open-Aid donates to Feed the Children and the ASPCA, among other worthy causes- see all of them!charities).

    P.S. When you sign up, you get a referral link. Feel free to blackhat your way to internet riches with it. Make a bunch of Google Voice numbers subscribe to your ref. link, get your friends and family to sign up, post flyers around your local college campus telling people to sign up under your referral ID ("Text 'cashtexts [your ref. ID]' to 69302 to make money every day for receiving SMS! Perfect for college students!"). Every person you refer makes money for charity, and makes money for you, so get blackhatting!
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