DOMINATE THE GIANTS Facebook Fans - Twitter Followers Service By Sk8tavou

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Im currently concentrating in building up social images. So I am interested in taking a review copy of 1000 HQ FB fans. Please let me know the details over PM.
@citizenx28 feel free to message me with your fanpage info so i can work your review :)

@soothsayerpg just message me with your fanpage info and the review copy that you want.

ps: i will be offline for 2 hours for now so i will reply to everything when i get back :)
@darkpixel Thanks for the kind words :D

To everyone else just Pm me with what review you want to get and your fanpage Url.
Just sent a 500 fans review so available reviews are:
3x500 Fans
2x1000 Fans
4x30% Discount
ONLY FOR JR VIP+ 4x50% Discount
Was lucky to grab a free review copy of 1,000 facebook fans. And basically seconds after PM'ing Sk8tavou, I received around 1,100 fans. The fans had friends and some of them even some page activity, which is certainly a plus.

Great service, good prices.
Nothing more to add.
If you need to increase your social media presence quick, he is the guy!
Wow! That was really a fast service and you are right Darkpixel, he would really make you feel like he's only dealing with you.

For those who are planning on ordering with sk8tavou, leave your doubts behind as he is really had if not 10 then 9/10 when it comes to customer support.

OP really delivered what was stated, he even give me some bonus!.

Great Service! I'll definitely going to order from you more as i have many clients who are craving with the Giants in Social Signals.

Thanks you both for the reviews :) I appreciate them a lot.
Available reviews at the moment.
2x500 Fans
1x1000 Fans
4x30% Discount
ONLY FOR JR VIP+ 4x50% Discount
I got a free review copy of 500 facebook fans. Delivery was almost instant, a lot of profiles got photos, friends and some activity so they look real.

The service looks great and it seems that OP likes to overdeliver.
Are they real twitter followers ??? Interested in this......

They are not real but they are real looking and they stick to your profile so dont worry about losing them :)

Thanks everyone for your reviews.
Available reviews at the moment.
1x500 Fans
1x1000 Fans
4x30% Discount
ONLY FOR JR VIP+ 4x50% Discount
Hi, Looks great! Will you be able to split the 500 fans among multiple sites? Will buy a package if its possible, and based on the results, will shift from my current provider :)
Fans are for facebook fanpages not for website likes if you mean this! Let me know here or by message on how many fanpages you want to split them and i will tell you :)

Message me with your facebook fanpage Url ;)
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