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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by inetiatic, Mar 4, 2008.

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    I have 2 domains and 2 hosting plans i'm not using, i have been reading these forums on and off for a few weeks and there seems to be so many methods to money. I was wondering what are 2 suggestions for a new domain and hosting, i want a new project or plan to get me started on, so any suggestions as to where to jump in (I do have an adsense account but im assuming most blackhat methods do not work with adsense)
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    Apr 11, 2008
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    well for a start you can start making use of those domains that you got there. by turning them in to money making blogs using adsense. Although you make won't make much its still something.

    If blackhat doesn't work with adsense for you than why not try white hat. A little bit more effort but produces mighty great results.

    Oo by the way, why are you using two hosting plans?
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    Nick Flame domain parking information is very informative. You could try cloaking.
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    I would go the bans route ... if you can ..

    Depending on the domains of course...

    Get: Build a Niche Store script ... ($97) - alternative, find a copy you can 'use'

    Sign up with Ebay affiliate program. I think that's your best bet. And try to drive traffic to your site , let bans do the rest. - Suggested because of good/stable payouts.

    What 'blackhat rich' said is not a bad idea ... but lets face it - that's something you can already do for FREE by just signing up with blogspot*com or Blogger*com .....

    creating niche blogs and plugging in adsense (sign up for adsense)

    - You want to use what you are already paying for ... and then best suggestions I could give on how to do that ... is either do what I mentioned above -----OR------

    Do as blackhat rich said ( create some niche blogs) ... and sign up for some affiliate programs such as neverbluads - once a member you can take part in the campaigns that you think will work around your site/blog - and incorporate each respective affiliate offers/banners.

    Last but not least - LEARN TO DRIVE TRAFFIC.

    Check the forum ... you'll find plenty of good info.

    Good Luck ...
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    yes bans would be best way to generate money from your domains.

    You can even get free script, very easy to install and configure. Once done start pushing traffic. Here you can choose black hat or white hat.

    You can use stuffing if you don't have problem with it and then just throw some good quality traffic. targeted ones can give best result but even un-targeted and volume can generate good results. There are numerous black hat ways just find something which suits you.