Domain with iPhone KW in it - Not making any $$ - Help!


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Mar 1, 2010
I'm here to seek advices.

I purchased this domain before it was taken and had designed a nice landing page with 2 offers inside (got sales on both offers) that will redirect visitors to the email submit page after clicked.

But the problem is, not enough traffic!

I tried PPC, but no luck, because I will need a big budget for this. I also tried Scrapeboxing it... eh didnt do much.


Any advice would be appreciated :)
make a review site for iphone 4's stuff (battery, case, even apps/games, etc) and offer your visitors to have a chance to win a free iphone 4g with that domain, get the keywords for them and do the seo job

either that or do the same thing but with aweber, letting visitors know if they join your email subscription they'll have a chance to win a free iphone 4 and you can send the offer through the email

or type down right comment for scrapebox's wordpress commenter and post something like "i found this site, great site and i thought id let your visitors here know that im giving out free iphones everyone is eligible to join" (not exact, think of your own, make it spinnable too)

build social media sites, build friends and/or build fanpages, make them go viral (read for some tips here on bhw) and send them the link there

shit theres bunch of ways to get traffic (read bhw for more), do the work

develop then apply SEO which will bring in traffic = $$$ a couple of months at least
Try other PPC than Adwords (cheaper), on site seo + offsite seo, and drive traffic from article pages, facebook, twitter
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