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    Do you understand what all this means:

    domain expired back in April. forgot to renew. Tried to renew. Got this email:

    "Thank you for your recent order. Unfortunately, your transfer is stalled since the domain is not available for transfer. If you check with the current Registrar and find the source of the error, we can certianly try again."

    domain status is redemptionPeriod

    If I log into the domain registrar (namescout) it says:

    "Domain(s) Requiring Action

    One or more of your domains were acquired by via a recently closed registrar. ICANN has migrated acquired domains to a new registrar, who should be contacting you.

    Domains that were acquired 60 or more days ago can be returned to To continue managing domains acquired by here, you must initiate transfer back."

    What does all this mean? How do I get my domain back?