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    Apr 22, 2009
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    So I found a little niche where the main keyword is taken although (almost) all sub niches are not taken. Each sub niche is almost identical to one another (searches, cpc, etc). Nice amount of searches and definitly grownig.

    If you wanted to target the main keyword how would you choose your domain name? Do you go right for a sub niche and just roll with it because the main name is in the title? Or would you add words like my, all. the, to the beginning of the targeted name being SE's dont list those words?


    cute dogs
    --little cute dogs
    --big cute dogs
    --smart cute dogs
    --dumb cute dogs

    So just say I picked "littlecutedogs". Would I be missing out on all the others because the specific names are not in the title? Is "thecutedogs" a better choice? :confused:

    Basically, I want to take advantage of all these sub niches within its respective main niche all at once.