Domain Extortionists

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Nov 23, 2008
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Recently I got a letter in the mail from

These bastards want $30 / yr to register my domain name with them... Are they straight up retarded???

I'm paying less than half that for registration and privatization. That's why these ass holes are on my shit list. Also, their letter in the mail is very misleading and they try to trick you that your already registered with them and your domain is going to expire soon. Then they go onto list similar domains which would ONLY BE $50/yr. What are they thinking?

Domain Renewal Group - GO TO HELL.
Interesting. I might try this method lol, you never know, it may work.
Yeah, I suppose. You could send a mass mailing like this and try to gain money off it. If I can find a way I'm going to try and report these guys to the feds if possible under fraud or something. Need to read up on the law first. I'm so sick of these scam operations filling up my regular mail box & email inbox.
I get those mailing all the time. I don't think it's illegal.. it's just taking advantage of people who don't know or don't read the fine print.
The thing I couldn't figure out is they say you need to "renew" your domain but of course the domain with them so how could they even process the transfer to "renew" your domain? Ever tried to transfer a domain from GoDaddy? Even if it's legit it's a pain in the add cause they don't want to give up the business.
They used to do this all the time from the long distance industry which I used to work. They had to create laws to stop the practice because it became so pervasive.
Yeah. I don't know how much legal recourse I'll be able to find if any but, there should be some sort of consumer protection from these kinds of people. Picture this in a driving insurance situation...

Let's say because of a letter like this you switch drivers insurance providers... during the transfer process your insurance lapses for a week and you wind up hitting another car by accident get sued and then are fined for not being insured. When to begin you would have been properly insured had it not been for this misleading letter. Obviously this is an extreme scenario but hopefully you get the idea.

Also, the company can switch your domain but most registrars require you exchange a secret key in order to do this unless your domain is left unlocked.
I dont think they are actually switching your domain, but registering a similar name under a diff tld, because they would have trouble switching most domains because of the security they put in place to protect domains ie locking
I think i am getting this kind of emails daily, i don`t know how they do it but i get them and it`s annoying....
They offer both your current domain name and other TDL's such as .net and .org

In the very fine print on the back it says if they are unable to transfer your domain then they will attempt on a DAILY basis to register your domain until it becomes available for registration. Also... You would just have to provide them with the code and then it should be no problem. I've had to transfer domains before and was fairly simple.
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