Domain Development Thread - Best Practices?

Discussion in 'Domain Names & Parking' started by leftbrainer, Jan 3, 2009.

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    A happy and prosperous New Year wish for everyone....

    I was hoping to start a thread for serious minded domainers where we could share best practices. Given that BHW for the most part caters to those that think out the box, perhaps we can really share some useful tip among one another.

    The next Traffic conference's theme (Jan this year) is development so this is probably timely. So to start off, I'd be curious to hear people's opinions on:

    Domain Development Technology
    -top domain development technology (Wordpress, X site Pro, Whypark, Evolanding, traditional parking companies like that allow you to add content which could help you get search engine traffic, etc)

    I personally like Wordpress. I would like to see more products built for wordpress specifically geared towards helping domainers build out their domain portfolios fast. I'm also looking at Datafeedr- anyone have any thoughts on this?

    -What are some best practices in terms of ad type [links, banners, in content affiliate links, etc] placement, colors (tip: blue link color 003366 works really well - got that tip from Jonathan Leger)

    Everyone is talking about the fact that just relying on ppc just isn't going to cut it these days. That's why I personally like Wordpress because there are plug and play plug-ins that enable you to use stuff like ebay, and even affiliate network feeds - in addition to Adsense or yahoo or other platforms - quickly.

    Mini Sites & Other Types of sites
    -review sites
    - mini sites - how many pages are optimal in terms of sites not being to thin or too large such that they lose focus - 5 pages, 50 pages, etc? - share experiences...
    -straight info/content sites (i.e. basic content related articles)
    -tool based sites (check out
    -niche directories?

    -If a .com is taken what's your personal preference - .net or .org or .us?
    - .infos- do you have trouble ranking them or what?

    These are just a few ideas to kick things off but I'd be very interested in other people's thoughts!