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    Sep 24, 2008
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    I've found a great domain name that I think will get valuable in near future (I may be wrong, but I'll go by my instincts)

    I now want to buy it, park it (with some ads), and eventually sell it for a profit.

    1. Should I buy and park at a place like sedo?
    (They take a commission when you want to sell)

    2. Should I buy at namescheap, park at sedo?

    3. Should I buy at namecheap, redirect to a blogger page, and fill it with Adsense for parked domains?

    4. Should I do something else altogether?

    Please advice.

    I'm obviously looking for a solution which involves minimum cost and risk, and maximum profit.

    Thank you!
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    May 2, 2008
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    if you think that your domain name is something that is searched a lot and their is not much computation in that right now. Then I would suggest you to host it on blogger. its free start post some article on your niche and start creating backlinks, social bookmarking, article submitting etc. Google indexes blogger blogs very fast and ranks then high. you can put adsense on it till that time. then when you have a lot of backlinks and you don't want to do much work on that then you can . park it at one of the parking services.
    I do this with some of my sites and they are all doing good.
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