Domain Banned by Akismet Using ScrapeBox? It Doesnt Have to Be! Get Past the Akismet Ban!


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Nov 9, 2009
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There are quite a few (thousands and thousands) of us BH'ers using ScrapeBox. There are also quite a few of us facing something that means the death of thousands and thousands of beneficial backlinks using ScrapeBox....our domains being banned by Akismet.

There is a super easy solution to get around this! It will require an investment of less than $30 and you'll be set for quite some time.

Simply go to & buy yourself 30 .info domains all related to your niche. Set them all up on your host using a .htaccess 301 redirect (a 301 redirect passes ALL "link juice" to wherever they actually end up).

For those that don't know what I'm talking about, it is as simple as pasting the following code into a .txt (notepad) document & uploading it as (without quotes) ".htaccess" to the root folder of each .info domain.

Here is the code:

Redirect 301 /
As I said above, simply paste that into a .txt (notepad) file and upload it to the root folder of each .info you purchased. Then, to test it, simply type in the domain of each .info you should seamlessly end up at your .com banned domain.

You'll then enter ALL THIRTY of those domains into SB's "sites to link back to when commenting" field. You know, the "websites" field. So SB will randomly select one of those .info's during each comment it leaves (and each of those .info's is actually passing all link juice to your real .com money site using a 301 redirect!)

I've been doing this for quite some time, particularly for .com's I've submitted to literally HUNDREDS of THOUSANDs of DOMAIN's.

I've had it so that when I've used my domain during a comment that I've typed out manually, that WASN'T spam that was SPECIFIC to the content of the URL I was commenting on that I was STILL blocked as spam by Akismet (I know this because I would test it by submitting to one of the many, many blogs I own that have Akismet enabled using one of the MANY private proxies I have access to. Then I would use one of my .info's and the same proxy and it wouldn't hit the Akismet filter).

So if you're experiencing that you simply CANNOT get past Akismet when using your domain, you've likely hit the Akismet "perma-ban" filter (for that specific domain) you don't have to!


Now while I haven't tested it, it is likely that a simple "tiny*URL" or "" (you know, URL shorteners) would work, but as I said, I haven't tested it. It, in theory, should work, but if others have already thought of this & tried it, they may have "toasted" the method for everybody else.
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Thanks, crazyflx. This really looks promising.

Do your backup-info-domains lay on the same IP as your master domain?
Do you redirect always to your master domain or did you mirror your master domain and 301 on a per url base?

I am still struggling to understand qualitatively the limits of hitting WP-blogs. Ban reasons: too many submissions at the same time / too many marked as "spam" by mods? What will be banned? Just a specific url? Or the complete domain (what you possibly described as perma-ban? IP? Email? Presumably all is taken into consideration, but the question is how - quantitatively.

I am currently writing a blog comment tool specific to my needs which uses only highly targeted sites and comment - so that Askimet does not ban me. I am wondering if this makes still sense or if it is better just to use slave infos and spam the hell out.
Redirects dont pass all but if your domain are banned it is better than nothing.

Thanks for the method,my domains are not banned yet,but if happens i will use.
That's nice, but 30 infos for each .com to be spammed, it gets pretty costly at the year renewal...

Also you can do the redirect directly from the registrar, no need for hosting.
how about getting domains instead
Why not just use SB to get backlinks to a one page website ( .info ) of your own and then that page has only 1 link which points to the money site.

Wouldn't that get you more link juice instead ?

Secondly, the .info are only $1 for the first year.. once those expire .. you probably wont be spending $9 each x 30 = $270 to renew those .info and as a result that link juice which was flowing to your money site will be gone all at once.
A second option is using which is also a valid SEO redirect. gets tagged as spam too, cause i see it in my spam commets

as for and redirect, i bet redirect gives more link juice.
What about create 30 sub-domain and use 301 redirect to your main site?

Why not just use Web 2.0 sites like, Hubpages, and Squidoo?
I tried this months ago for a domain that was marked as spam by akismet, got one comment up, and then the new domain name was marked as spam by akismet.

Maybe I just have very bad luck but I haven't had trouble with my other domains when mentioning them in a comment.

I read the posts I commented on and left relevant comments as well. Maybe the webmaster marked one for the redirect domain as spam, but I wondered if maybe akismet had the ability to follow the redirect and then compare it to the list of spam sites or whatever.

I also quoted the post often in comments, I wonder if that affects how the system determines if a comment is spam.

I'm no heavy duty commenter anyway, used to do it manually using go0gle alerts - not very efficient.
Yes would work.

URL shorteners work the same but try to go for less popular ones which would not be flagged by akismet if possible. But MAKE sure that the URL shortening service uses a 301 redirect, before you do it, as some of them don't.
that's a great idea, i'd add a twist to it though
put up a wordpress blog on a godaddy economy shared hosting account with one of those domains pointing to it (have like 2-5 spintax articles in it)
then use that for scrapebox, nhseo, ser or whatever else you're using that could trigger the akismet or other spam list filters, do this BEFORE you get on them by doing comment spam (that way google doesn't see you get on that list, then halfway through week 2 of this tactic, register those sites in webmaster tools, after they get indexed, wait 2 or 3 days, then do a 301 and tell google you're moving to the primary target site, that way they pass a higher percentage of the link juice and even some authority to boot)
close that shared hosting account
rinse and repeat
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