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Order Placed 70 Links
Transaction ID : 1A4499864L3551019
Seller is responsive, but why give drip feed option if you're going to dump all links in 3 days?!
The text in the posts is all over the place, going from my niche to home improvement to traveling etc, each sentence lives in it's own world. One of the titles was "my keyword scam". The keyword is also a competitor brand name (they did domain name same as keyword they want to rank for) so I kinda get how it was made, still I probably wouldn't want scam associated with any of my keywords/brand.
Bought 70 links, DR went from 23/24 to 27. No keyword movement, but nothing has fallen in positions as well. Probably won't order again.
I do not recommend this service. Seller tried to fix the links but failed. Over 20 links of 70 are on deindexed domains, I was told premium indexers were used yet they failed to index 14 of the links. I'd assume they're just going to be deindexed again in near future (1 already has since I reached out to the seller 3 weeks ago when seller gave up on fixing the order). Save your money.

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