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Jul 1, 2015
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Permanent and Quality Blog Post @ Just $1

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***Review*** ( Sample Reviewed @ Free 3 Sample Posts) -- I supplied a non-adult link for a review copy.

Speed: A
The whole process took 1 week to get the 3 posts. The smallest purchase is 25 links. I actually appreciated that it wasn't immediate. It would look weird to Google if all of a sudden your post got a bunch of links on high authority sites all on the same day. Spreading them out was good.

Service: A
Everything was done very professionally. Great communication with the seller which was nice. All of my questions were answered quickly. The links were replaced when the owners updated the sites. They were quickly supplied.

Quality: B+
The posts are of high quality for sure. They are very long and well written. Not sure if they are spun. If they are they did a good job. The articles tend to drift around on the topics but I don't care about that. I did not check the Copyscape. The sites were well done too. I checked them on my Ahrefs account and they had a UR Rating of 3 and 6. My site is 0 so better than nothing.

Conclusion: A
Honestly, I didn't realize how cheap this service was. For the price, regardless that the sites are a bit low on the UR rating, this is a quality product. Great communication, quick service, quality domains, and well-written or at least well spun articles. I would be happy to pay for this service.

Received 2 Links as a review copy.

Both Site's designs were quite good for a PBN. There were unique logos, contact us page & privacy page.
Metrics matches as per BST.
The content was good for a spun article.
Quite a good service.


Got 2 links as a review copy
Both sites look great, sure will pass manual review
Both sites got regular pages, nice logo.
Sites metrics match as described.
Content copyscape passed, readable
Very fast response from OP, quick TAT
Link placed on first paragraph. Got images too
It's a pleasant service.


got the two links for review copy. Both got published in well built site with images and got the content readable which is more important thing. Both sites looks natural and covers some common niche hence relevancy also working here.

Thanks for the two links mate. Importantly both are indexed in Google.

So I got the review copy of 2 links

The domains look like the usual Wordpress blogs and they have good content on it.
The content was spun but it was reading fairly good something worth at this price.
The domains were DA 21 DA 19 on MOZ.
The anchor text was used properly and the sites look spam free to me.
The content has 1 image and header.
Good communication with the OP.
Overall it looks like a good service which is pocket friendly. If the links help me in ranking I'll buy the links for sure.

cotinue tomake a few orders with Digirulz. always good TAT quick and clear ordering and these are good links for tiers2 boosts

I ordered on 16/09/2020 then received the report on 19/09/2020. The TAT is so fast.

The report is very detailed. Most of urls are indexed.

The layouts of pbn sites are unique, most of them have logos. But they don't have the ads, about me pages.

For the affordable price along with lightning TAT, I'm very sastified with this service.

Highly recommend for those are building foundation links.

I'm using this to test out a tier 2 Im working on. Ordered my links last week and already have them. Quick turn around time. Almost all of the links were already picked up by ahrefs by the time I got my report. They offer fixes if you need any. Thanks for the Links @Digirulz

already order bro good service and nice metric

really good service and quality. Placed another 2 order with dollar network PBN! Thank you mate

Received reports today! The seller was extremely responsible and responsive to any and all of our questions. Will definitely recommend the service to anybody who is looking to boost their online presence!

Awesome service. Digirulz has just sorted for me. Awesome communication. Cheers mate

Report received. Quite content with the speed, a couple of weeks, and with the report delivered. Very interesting and I will hire your service more times.


Hi everyone!

I have just worked with them again.
Our collaboration will last a long time, it seems to me. 100% recommendable.

I received a review copy, and for the price I don’t think you can get any better.

Great for naked url.

Turn around time was quick, received the service and a report within hours.

So fast I didn’t have time to do the review yesterday haha.

I’ll definitely be using this again, I mean for the price what can I say.

Thanks guys!

Great service with good price! Really happy with the results! Thank you so much sir

Thanks for the review copy. I got it with a day.

2 backlinks powered by WordPress with DA 25

The contents are great and even have a nice picture on the articles.
Now waiting/ checking to see if it indexed in search engine.

Overall good work!

Just made another order. I'm already seeing rank improvements from the first order that I made last week! Awesome!!

Good! I made a new order

Previously use his service, Its incresred my site DA/PA
Cheap service but Enough Good.

Another project with him. Good feelings with this partner!!

Feedback of 2 review copy links

My opinion about this service:

  • The links are spam free with SS of 1%, DA and PA 15+ as advertised.
  • Clean backlink profile without spammy links and with average RD 50.
  • The content is actually better than i expected for the price ( spun but easy to read ), without grammar errors and with an image.
  • Contextual anchor was placed in the right spot.
  • No custom logos.
  • They look ok, generic themes simple design are used on the blogs.


These pbn have good quality and even if they do not looks amazing they are pretty cheap, and the content is good considering the price, overall i am pleased with the job done.

Another order placed! Excited. Always great work

Order is confirmed @LamborghiniDreamer