Doing BH SEO and signing up for web hosts and domain registrars: Use real info or no?


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May 25, 2007
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Let's say you're spreading out your sites with cheap shared hosting and domain registrar accounts from different providers. You're doing BH. Do you use your real info (email,address,phone,etc) when signing up for these services or fake? Will you ever get checked for your real info?

There's different risks with each method, what do you guys think is best?
well even i wanna know about this, it would be great if anyone could answer
I would use fake info. They can only check by email so if you set up a fake email that is the only way for them to check is through email just check that fake email regular.

Or you can setup domain by proxy and your totally safe.

that is just what I would do!
Still need working billing info for cc or no? Or are you talking about the domain WHOIS?
well if you're going to be pissing people off, you probably don't want them finding out your phone number and address.

if ppl wanna find you they can ;-) ip... most proxys log
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