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    I've been interested in ways to earn a passive income for several years but it was only this year that it finally hit me. This is something that is critical to my success as a human being and constantly evolving figure. I say that for four reasons:

    1. All my active income jobs pay so little that it's only a push. It's only there to keep me going until the next pay period. That's no way to live.
    2. All the active jobs I've done are extremely dangerous and I am usually bullied out of a position just as I finally start to make a decent living.
    3. Does anyone else work 12 hours per day/night and have time for anything else in their lives? No.
    4. It is counter-productive to my goals. I'm not trying to waste anyone's time but my employers are doing their best to waste as much of my time as possible. There are mornings where I show up for work and I'm sent home because my schedule is automatically cut to a few hours(I barely make back enough to make the daily trip worth anything) or nothing at all. I am often reprimanded for things where I don't understand how I'm doing something wrong. I don't need this crap and neither do you.

    Of all the passive income systems I've tried, only ONE worked. I'm not saying I could live off of it I'm just saying it WORKED. This was a PPC I did 7 years ago and the domain is long gone now but $.52 was okay just to click ads when I had nothing better to do. I realize my payout was far more than what the average ultimately get but I want to know how to go about this right. I want to know how to sustain a strong growing passive income that I can depend on for years to come.

    My goal is simple: I want a passive income that offsets the inane costs in my life such as insurance and fuel. For me this means $5/day is ideal. It's that simple. These annoyances are probably nothing to the average person but big enough for me to notice. So yeah I'm lazy too.

    Anyhow I've considered affiliate systems but I'm not sure which are a good idea if any. I don't genuinely understand the help that people need on a daily basis but at the same time it has always been difficult for me to maintain a sale because I'm so horrible at marketing. You see, I'm not the kind of person that puts a dollar sign on everything I see. I understand my mind is probably in the wrong place. This problem dilutes my skill set to potential employers and that's why I always get stuck with horrible jobs. I'm thinking if I can at least figure out how to market things that I like, I might be able to fix my personal issues to where I can get higher active income jobs. Does this make sense or am I still in the wrong place?

    There are two things I want to do for earning a passive income: Minimal interaction and I want it to be honest. These two things appear to be the biggest roadblocks I've ever run into. If anyone has any advice on this matter please help. I don't want to alienate friends and people any more than the next guy(okay bad example but you know what I mean) while wondering if I'm doing something that works.

    As I say, employers consider my skill minimal. If you want an idea of what I'm capable of tech-wise:
    JavaScript/XML/.NET are my best assets right now.
    I can write animated images and banners.
    I am familiar with SQL Studio.
    I am VERY familiar with Visual Studio and IIS.
    I have decent bandwidth and can handle several thousand concurrent connections.
    I can run an SMTP backend.
    I really don't like this idea but I CAN run a HyperVisor if it gets to that point where I need the weighted resource distribution.
    The only thing I cannot and will not do is run an Exchange Server. Just forget it.

    Anyhow despite this list and at least three different trades, none of it has helped me earn one cent. I need something to motivate me in the right direction. I'm open to suggestions and I appreciate the time you took reading this. If you can't think of anything I would like you to post details of what your biggest barrier was and how you managed to break through it. I understand it's probably asking a lot but I'm interested in how this has been for others.
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    If you need a bunch of strangers in a forum to motivate you then you are doing something wrong...
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    ...did you ever think not to get employed but to employ yourself?

    If you got enough skills in what you have listed - make a list.
    What is it good for - what can you provide with it.
    Who could be in need of it - what is the market?
    Visualize it and then start to run your own buisness (once you have a picture of where to get customers) while working in a Job.
    Build it up - then switch when the time has come.

    You should have enough possibilities.