Does this seem normal to you guys?


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Nov 30, 2008
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Check out the attached CJ screenshot from my site. These are stats from about 2 months time, where I get about 50 uniques/day.

I"m using WP with WP-Aff Plugin.

Does this seem normal to have so many clicks and no purchases? The blog has to do with hotels. Any ideas?


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im having the same issue also........i stopped promoting them now
Hotels? I don't think that's converting now lol, how has your recent past conversions been?
so who do u promote now?

are you also in the hotel niche?
could it be something about the wp-affiliate plugin?

is there another good affiliate program to promote like CJ that's not CB?
It doesn't seem normal to me. I have half that amount of clicks with Sales but very few. CJ sux and has for a while now. Their LINKS are blocked by a LOT of office firewalls, which means NO lunch or break time sales from site visitors at work.
so do you guys have any recommendations for a service like CJ that's decent and won't get blocked by office firewalls or steal my clicking visitor money from me?
What exactly are you promoting? You can have 10000 clicks and 0 conversion if you are promoting something wrongly or with a wrong method.

Best way to do it is by CL and adwords.
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