does this happen to anyone else?

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    Jan 6, 2010
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    I have a seo site, when you google my company name i use to have over 15k page results, now i noticed this from time to time me being obsessed and having to google my name 40 times a day that for a few days a month 10-15 it will drop from 15k to lets say 1500, now when i log into my webmaster tools my impressions drastically drop from over 600 a day to lets say 20-50 a day give or take.

    i notice this goes in tandem with big g, and wonder why o why ?

    i get knocked out for seo from #33 to off the chart and then back again but my company name search results go along with it, watch when my company name goes back up to 15000 results ill hit the 33 spot again or wherever, just wondering wtf is up? this been going on over a year dont think it has anything to do with sandboxing